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Gemvara Blog » Valentine’s Day
7 February

Get It When It Counts

Hey Cupid, Valentine’s Day is one week away! I know; we can’t believe it either. But we do believe that you probably haven’t got a clue as to what you’re going to do, not to mention what you’re going to give. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Lucky for you, we’ve planned ahead and have plenty of incredible, unique, and dazzling gifts that will wow her AND ship in time for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re looking for a ring, earrings, or a special pendant, all the items can still be customized and made especially for you. Browse through our collection here – just be sure to double check the ship date!

You can thank us later.

2 February

"Will You Be My Valentine?"

Valentine’s Day is coming up and some of you are (hopefully) starting to think about what that means for you. Gifts? Date? Breakfast in bed? Flowers? Whatever your plan, the hardest part is always the first step: Asking someone to be your Valentine. Don’t fret – we’ve got answers!

There are two scenarios to asking someone to be your Valentine. The first is if you’re planning a date. In this case — ask ahead of time. The second scenario is if you are giving a gift or simply like the feeling of having a Valentine. In this case, you can ask the day of. Hey, you never know, maybe he or she won’t have plans that night…

Here are some cute suggestions for asking someone the day of:

  • Send them a hand-written letter or poem. Cards in the mail or in person totally trump an e-mail.
  • Not looking to skirt the issue? Be straightforward! It never hurts to ask.
  • Send them some yummy treats that get your point across. Think: Heart shaped pizza, cookies that spell out “Will you Be Mine?” or personalized M&Ms.
  • Surprise flowers are always a good idea. Send them to her home or office.

What about if you’re already dating?

  • Write “Will you be my Valentine?” with lipstick on the bathroom mirror or leave a note on his or her car in the morning.
  • Engrave a ring with a meaningful message such as, “You will be my Valentine forever” and present it to him or her. You can take advantage of Gemvara’s free engraving until 2/5.
  • Create an extra-large sign, complete with balloons and streamers. Hang it in the house or even better, leave it for him or her at work. Humorous and silly is usually a good route.
  • Surprise him or her with a home cooked dinner. (This would work best if you are married or living together). Act like you forgot about Valentine’s Day until she comes home to a romantic dinner. It may be tough and you could get some harassment throughout the day, but the payoff with be worth it.

Finally, who says you have to ask at all! Spend the day with friends and family who will be your Valentine’s every day of the year – even without you asking!

31 January

Better Than Chocolate

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, why is chocolate always the go-to?

I understand that not much can top that euphoric feeling after biting into a rich, creamy piece of decadent chocolate. But what happens when it’s over? You’re left with sugar high, potential cavities, and a guilty feeling in your gut because you just broke all your New Year’s resolutions.

Well, here’s an idea that beats any box of chocolates — fine, luxurious, jewelry. Now we’re talkin’.

This Valentine’s Day you deserve more than just candy. You deserve some rock candy. Something sparkly to make you smile when you put it on each morning and feel loved when you catch a glimpse of it throughout each day.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Gemvara has announced a new collection called Timeless Hearts – an elegant assortment of rings and pendants with an edgy twist. We have also gathered up our favorite pieces to create a Valentine’s Day gift guide that is perfect for any style or price range. Take a peek at it here or on our Pinterest board.

Now, you tell us. What do you think is better than chocolate?

27 January

A Sweet Surprise

Thinking of giving jewelry this Valentine’s Day? Why not add something extra?

Make your Valentine’s Day gifts even sweeter by adding a surprise engraving. It’s a small feat, but believe me — it can make all the difference. Your loved one will be blown away by how thoughtful you are and you can act like you put in so much effort, when really it was super easy.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free until February 5th?

A Valentine’s Day engraving can be something simple like a special date, or you can get creative with an inside joke or funny nickname. Stumped? Head over to our Pinterest page to check out some cute ideas.

Today we are holding a contest on our Facebook for the funniest engraving. Got a good idea in mind? Leave a a message in the comments and you could win $50 toward Gemvara jewelry! But, hurry — we will be picking the winner at 5pm EST. (Contest closed. Congratulations, Lisa!)

Give engraving your best shot this holiday and you are sure to remain written on her heart always.

To engrave a piece head to and click on the item you’d like to engrave. If the ring is able to be engraved, you will see a box on the right stating, “Engrave This Ring.” Simply fill in your message and save your design.

26 January

The Ring Before The Ring

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we’ve got something on our minds: Promise Rings.

You can thank Joe Jonas and Robert Pattinson for this, but recently promise rings have become a popular gift. However, many people (including women) don’t even know what this ring means. We’re here to air out this allusive idea for anyone wondering – what’s with the ring, before the ring?

A promise ring is just what it sounds like, a ring given to symbolize a promise. While this is most commonly used as a precursor to an engagement, a promise ring can mean a lot of things depending on the status of your relationship.

A promise ring could say, “I will return to you,” for a lover who will be traveling or going over-seas.

It could say, “Here is my promise to replace this ring with a larger diamond someday,” for those who can’t yet afford an expensive engagement ring.

A promise ring could simply imply “I love you,” Or “You’re my best friend.”

To be very specific, the ring could be a promise to stop doing something (such as gambling, smoking or drinking.)

I am saving myself for you,” is also a common theme for those using the gift as a purity ring.

Promise rings are not for everyone, but if you feel that your relationship would benefit from this meaningful gift, then we are all for it. However, one thing is for certain: make sure you’re clear about your intentions before handing over a ring box. If not, you could be left with no girlfriend, instead of a happy one.

If you’re thinking of giving a promise ring, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to present this gift. Gemvara is offering free engraving until January 31st so take advantage and promise your loved one, “You will be my Valentine forever.”

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