12 September

Lucky Charms

There are lots of ways to protect yourself from bad luck: don’t walk under ladders, beware of black cats and just plain ignore those with a negative nature. However, sometimes you need an extra boost… and it doesn’t hurt if that “boost” is charming and sparkly.

Rising in popularity among the celebrity sector, wishbone and horseshoe pendants are a cute and comforting way to carry a little luck with you wherever you go. Wearing a wishbone necklace signifies hope and positivity and is a daily reminder of good things to come. Jennifer Aniston and Mischa Barton are big fans of the wishbone necklace and have been seen wearing a gold version on multiple occasions.

The horseshoe pendant, made popular by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie, from Sex and the City) and Cameron Diaz, is a legendary, magical symbol believed to “deflect evil” and therefore bring its wearer good luck and fortune. Both the horseshoe and wishbone pendants make great gifts for birthdays or any memorable occasion in which you want to wish someone good luck. Celebrating a personal milestone or journey like a new job? Personalize the gems and metals in these necklaces to make them more unique and meaningful to you.

Aside from the positive qualities of these two charms, they are stylish and dainty pendants that are appropriate for everyday wear and look great layered with other longer necklaces. Choose yours in silver, gold or rose gold and change the horseshoe gems to whatever color you like with Gemvara’s fun personalization tools. We wish you luck (not that you need it)!

25 July

Hoops for Every Occasion

Although according to us, hoop earrings are always in style, recently it seems hoops have arrived in a big way. Celebrities of all ages have been spotted wearing large, hoop earrings on a variety of different occasions.

Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing thin, gemstone-encrusted hoops similar to Gemvara’s Two Inch Inside-Outside Hoops. This style is especially dazzling for an evening event as seen on Sarah Jessica, but is also equally appropriate for day.











Cameron Diaz shows us how glamorous hoops can be while wearing them on the red carpet. They are an elegant, but edgy addition to her sparkling gown. On the other hand, Selena Gomez gives us a more relaxed way to wear this trend. She sports large, silver hoops with a slouchy sweater for a laid-back afternoon look.







A classic staple for any woman, hoop earrings can easily become the most versatile piece in your jewelry wardrobe. Dressed up or down, there are virtually no limits to how you wear these jewels. Not a fan of large hoops? Check out Gemvara for all our hoop earring styles, like our smaller One Inch Inside-Outside Hoops, our organic Vine Hoops, or our petite tailored Montespan Hoops. Mix and match the gems and styles to create sparkling hoop earrings that will become perfect for, well, you!

Photo Credit: Adam Bielawski / PR Photos, Janet Mayer / PR Photos, Steve Granitz / WireImage, Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

7 July

Top Three Sex & the City Trends

As you might expect, the second Sex and the City movie is a feast of fashion.  But this time, the three trends with real staying power are jewelry, not clothes or shoes. Here are the top three Sex and the City trends and some tips on where to find these sizzling styles.

1. The Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Big chooses a black diamond engagement ring for Carrie because she is “not like anyone else.” Ironically, this unusual choice is becoming a whole lot less unusual since the movie, with women everywhere choosing basic black for their engagement ring. Sales of black diamonds have been surging in the past few weeks. The ring in the movie is a five-carat 18k black diamond ring by Itay Malkin which is being offered for $10,000.  If that’s a little out of your price range, Gemvara has a 1.5-carat black diamond engagement ring in a similar style in platinum for less than $2,500 that’s still plenty breathtaking.

2. The Moon & Star Pendant

Patricia Field found Carrie’s Moon & Star pendant in a bazaar in Turkey.  Ever since, fashionistas have been searching for something similar (and it’s a bit frustrating since many styles advertised as similar really aren’t the same.) At Gemvara, we saw your Moon & Star and raised you one brilliant planet. It’s Carrie’s Moon & Star pendant. Only better.  We promise.

3. The Four-Leaf Clover Pendant

This oversized diamond pave four-leaf clover is the only design that Patricia Fields herself knocked off. She made an inexpensive copy.  It’s totally sold out for now.  You can find a similar three-leaf Shamrock pendant on Gemvara and a five leaf flower on emitations. SheFinds has some more alternatives. But, alas, nothing is exactly the same. But be patient! In the next few weeks, more four leaf clover styles are sure to be available: it’s the horseshoe pendant of 2010.

23 June

Sex and the City 2: Jewelry Is a Girl's Best Friend

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Sex and the City 2 should be every stylish woman’s guide to the most tantalizing and up-to-date jewelry trends. Each and every carefully chosen piece of jewelry dazzled in this spectacular romp. If you’re a classic Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, a variation of one or a mix of all of them, you can easily emulate these ladies’ cutting-edge jewelry styles.

Carrie: She may be married to Big, but Carrie’s first love is fashion. When our leading lady first appears on screen wearing a white mini Halston dress paired with a multi-colored gemstone necklace, it instantly becomes clear that this film is all about fashion. Carrie’s funky, eclectic style is highlighted by bold, sparkly and sweet pieces. Carrie made it work by mix-matching pieces, pairing a copper moon necklace with three chunky bracelets. If you’re unconventional like Carrie, then you’ll love a black diamond ring forever. If you want to go one step further, pair it with a bold black diamond necklace.

Samantha: Two words describe most of Samantha’s jewelry in this film: big and sexy. She rocked bigger-than-life gold Yves Saint Laurent earrings that demonstrated her love for larger, dramatic pieces that match her personality. You can emulate her sultry look by pairing gold gemstone hoops with a colorful halter-top or dress.

Charlotte: Ever since we met her, Charlotte has been the epitome of Park Avenue elegance. She’s all about classic diamond earrings and fun, shiny, metallic bracelets. You can easily get her look by donning classic diamond studs or diamond droplets. Add a splash of color and sass to this elegant style by choosing pink sapphire studs or blue topaz studs.

Miranda: Both in personality and style, Miranda is down to earth, practical, and fun, which is why she wore mostly earth tones, stones and wood pieces in this film. Achieve an earthy feel with an added touch of sparkle and color by adding deep red and yellow gemstones to your collection, for example with citrine jewelry pieces.

Actress, writer and improviser Brooke Lenzi is a performer on stage and screen in Los Angeles. She likes gifts that come in small packages.

13 May

Real Jewels at the Costume Gala

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Flash photography wasn’t needed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala on May 3, there was plenty of bling in attendance to do the job. Jewelry on the red carpet punched with the perfect mixture of boldness, color and elegance. The variety of pieces isn’t surprising considering the Met’s new exhibition, “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity.” Some celebrities exuded this theme by pushing the fashion envelope left-coast Hollywood style with big, colorful baubles, while others made statements that were more East Coast refined and subtle, yet just as stylish.

Three distinct jewelry trends stood out at this glamorous event:

Big: What’s so refreshing and fun about an event like the Gala is that celebs don’t have to play it safe like they do at the Oscars. Sarah Jessica Parker complemented her gold Halston Heritage dress by stacking three huge VBH diamond bracelets on one arm. Renee Zellweger wore a ring the size of Texas, which accentuated her gold shimmery hourglass dress. P. Diddy accessorized with two large diamond rings.

Colorful: Stars took cues from big designers for their dresses, but they added their own flair by choosing unique accessories that burst with color. Katy Perry wore an all-pink diamante zigzag necklace and matching pink sapphire rings. Emmy Rossum, adding even more color to her bright blue Kenneth Cole dress, wore a chunky gold, blue and cherry wood necklace.

Elegant: Even at a fashion event when the limits can (and will) be tested, there’s something to say for simple, understated jewelry. It never goes out of style. Tina Fey hushed her Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit with droplet diamond earrings. Thandie Newton balanced her purple gown with a simply gorgeous emerald necklace and a matching emerald ring. Kristen Davis made her lovely corset gown even lovelier with unique gold dangle earrings and a gold bracelet. Coco Rocha turned head with a floral Zac Posen gown complete with train but her jewelry was subtle Everlon Diamond Knot earrings and bangle in low-key antiqued gold.

Actress, writer and improviser Brooke Lenzi is a performer on stage and screen in Los Angeles. She likes gifts that come in small packages.

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