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23 July

Interpreting the Trends: Black and Navy Blue

Fall is just around the corner which can only mean one thing, shopping the fall trends.  This year, rules are being broken as the runways were sprinkled with black and navy pairings.  This long forbidden matchup has been blown out of the water by fashionistas everywhere.  This trend evokes a “dark romance” with different hues and textures making it perfect for date night wear.  You can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe long before the weather turns cold by stocking up on some beautiful Gemvara pieces that are sure to make a statement long before your long sleeves and opaque tights.

Victoria Band, Renaissance Band, Mantilla Ring

Cascade Pendant, Bouquet Ring, Vine Leaf Studs

22 July

Gem Class: Gold

 Atlantis Eternity Band, Laurel Ring, Balcony Band

Gold is the most popular choice of metal for jewelry comes in different colors.  Gemvara offers yellow, white, and rose gold; but can be made into other colors depending on the alloys it is mixed with.  Pure gold is a bright, shiny yellow color, and is very dense and malleable; therefore requiring it to be mixed with other alloys to become suitable for use.  Gold has been a valuable precious metal used for coinage, jewelry, and a variety of other things since before recorded history and throughout human history has been the most common basis for monetary policies.  As of 2009, 165,000 tons of gold has been mined, equivalent to a cube 20.4 meters on each side.

Pure gold is 24k but gold jewelry is typically 22k, 18k, 14k, or 10k.  Yellow gold in jewelry is alloyed with a 50/50 ratio of silver and copper to maintain the bright yellow.  White gold alloys are typically made with palladium, silver, zinc, or nickel.  Although nickel has been phased out of creating white gold as some people have a skin reaction with the metal.  Rose gold is formed by mixing mostly pure gold with a small amount of copper to enhance the reddish tones.  Blue gold contains iron, while purple gold has aluminum; both are rarely used since they are particularly brittle and difficult to work with in jewelry.  When pure gold mixes with only silver, the result is a greenish-yellow shade and is referred to as green gold.

21 July

One Piece, Three Ways: Racetrack Ring

A statement ring is an easy way to take an outfit to the next level and the Racetrack Ring by Gemvara is exactly does exactly that in these three outfits, taking the ring from work, to a casual weekend, and a wedding reception.  This customized ring features a large green amethyst gem encircled with diamonds and set in palladium.  The light green plays well with every color, especially pinks and other greens.  Palladium is a little known precious metal but an excellent choice for settings since it is naturally white and will never tarnish as well as being a hypoallergenic metal.


Work with Gemvara Racetrack Ring

Wear this ring to work to spice up a basic black dress.  Add a coral blazer which is the perfect shade for summer, but will keep you warm in an overly air conditioned office.  Throw your keys into a chic green clutch that will bring out the green amethyst in the Racetrack Ring for extra sparkle.  Break up the all black dress by adding a simple long chain necklace or thing belt to accentuate the thinnest part of your waist.


Weekend with Gemvara Racetrack Ring

For a lazy weekend day running errands and window shopping, try pairing a light and flowing tank top with edgy leather shorts.  You’ll be able to walk miles in a pair of comfortable oxfords, we like the cut-outs in these to keep you cool.  A pair of oversize shades is always the best substitute for wearing makeup and with the Racetrack Ring as a statement; you won’t need any other jewelry for a fuss free yet stylish day!


Wedding Reception with Gemvara Racetrack Ring

Summer is wedding season, meaning dancing the night away.  Stay cool with a lightweight dress in a pastel hue.  This one has awesome draping and large arm holes to keep the air flowing.  Play up the earth tones in a pair of wooden-sole wedges (much more comfortable then stilettos) and a warm chocolate brown clutch.  Keep your makeup simple so it doesn’t melt off during the day.  This NARS multiple is small enough to throw in your bag for a quick reapply later in the evening.  The Racetrack Ring is all you need to polish off this look and you are ready to go!

Or shop other statement rings from Gemvara!

20 July

How to Wear: Mixed Metals

Mixing Metals with Gemvara


For a long time, mixing jewelry metals was a fashion faux paux, but lately, it has been up for debate and the traditional side is losing.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals as long as you keep a few basic things in mind:

  • Keep the gemstones simple and/or matching.  In this set, we used all white sapphire gems to make sure that the pieces were not overwhelmed with color, and also to make the white and yellow gold stand out.
  • Use a bridge piece.  When mixing metals, try incorporating a piece that naturally has two tones of metal in it to tie the other pieces of jewelry together.  In this example, we used the Organic Stacking Ring set which has two white gold rings and one yellow gold ring in between as well as the Initial “M” Key which is primarily yellow gold except for the “M” in white gold.  This makes it easier to wear an all white gold or yellow gold piece such as these Margarita Earrings or if you have a single-colored piece that you always wear.
  • Keep an overall theme for the jewelry, so the mixing looks deliberate.  Stick to one general concept for the jewelry, such as vintage, contemporary, or traditional.  This set leans towards more traditional, delicate jewelry since the outfit it is with is much more outstanding.  The elegance of the jewelry balances the edginess of the bustier top and dramatic high-low skirt.  The accessories and makeup also balance out the skirt and top by keeping plain and neutral with peachy pink makeup.
17 July

Trending On Pinterest

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 Poseidon Band, Belle Earrings, Dauphine Ring

This week’s Trending on Pinterest Collection features warm combinations in vintage-inspired settings.  The larger, statement themes are sure to make the bearer stand out from a crowd and easily become a daily wear.

The Poseidon Band uses romantic swirls and waves to capture the hearts of Pinterest users everywhere.  This reasonable sterling silver band can be worn alone or within a stack set.  The band captures intricate detailing and scrolled patterns without fail.  Poseidon Band is available in sterling silver, 14K & 18K gold (white, yellow, rose), palladium, and platinum.

Get ready to walk the red carpet in Belle Earrings which are a pear-shape drop silhouette sure to make any girl shine and shimmer with every step.  Vintage inspired designs and the warm colors of this set makes these earrings truly beautiful and timeless.

Flanked with fleur-de-lis on either side of the center shield, the Dauphine Ring gives heirs of royalty, especially with yellow gold, tanzanite, and white sapphire.  This ring is sure to demand attention and can easily be worn every day.

16 July

Guest Blog from Ringspotters: 10 Gifts your Bridesmaids will Love


Shop for Bridesmaids gifts at!

Shopping for that special something for your bridesmaids is always tough.  For one, you need to pick something that everyone will like.  At the same time, the thought of splurging on more gifts just makes you anxious. But etiquette calls, and a bridesmaid gift is a special and important way to say thank you to the ladies who will be by your side on your big day.  We thought we’d give you ideas on meaningful and stylish gifts that won’t break the bank, and more importantly, that all your ‘maids will love.

1. Shawls.  Who doesn’t love a good shawl?  Dessy has the cutest accessories, but we especially love their Pashmina Shawls for $30.  They are one size fit all and they come in every color, so that your girls can wear them down the aisle, at your reception, and over and over again.

2. Jewelry. Classic earrings, colorful bangles, and statement necklaces always make a fun gift. Pick different pieces to match the personality of your ladies, or select one classic piece for everyone.

3. Cosmetics:  Because girl can never own too much makeup!  And lip products are a relatively safe option as long as you stick to glosses, sheers, and neutral colors.

  • Sephora Lip Gloss set: $20 (for a $60 value) A four piece high intensity lip gloss set in tangerine inspired shades.
  • Sephora Korres Lip Goddess collection. $29 (for a $44 value) A limited-edition collection of full-size lip essentials in a range of beautiful finishes (two lip butters and a lipstick).
  • Essie Wedding Collection Nail Polish Set $17.00. The set includes a semi-sheer reflective pink, a freshly-minted cream green, a white rose with glistening stardust, and a creamy, dusty lilac.  Or, make a cute assortment with your “wedding” colors, and for your maid of honor,  package them with a giftcard to a spa.

4. Flip Flops or Espadrilles. Yes, you will need to do some sleuth work to find out shoe sizes, but who wouldn’t love a pair of these, especially for Spring/Summer weddings?

5. Clutch bags. Who doesn’t love a new purse? For an extra touch, surprise your bridesmaids with a little lip gloss or nail polish inside the bag.

6. Hairpins. How about giving them a pair of delicate hair pins they can wear on the wedding day or for any special occasion? They are unique, feminine and, most importantly, affordable.

7. Jeweled Straps.  We love the idea of going glam and these jeweled straps are definitely a unique gift and a beautiful accessory to add some sparkle to a strapless gown.

8. Robes.  Your girls will be eternally grateful when they receive a comfy, stylish robe for them to wear for the pre wedding day festivities, and any time afterwards!

9. Fun and Flirty Aprons. They’re different, unique and oh so feminine.

10.Get Personal. If you’re the sentimental type and someone who loves giving that extra personal touch, consider personalizing an item for your ladies – from a dish to a tote to a fancy wine glass, your options are endless!

13 July

Guest Blogger Ringspotters: Ideas for Welcome Bags

As an out of town guest, welcome bags are always a fun treat, and these days, it’s almost expected. Welcome baskets sound like a fun project in theory, but they take a lot of work to put together. We’ve designed three welcome bag ideas for three different weddings – A City Soiree, A Beach Wedding and a Wine Country Affair to help you welcome your travelling guests with style!



And no matter where your wedding takes place, you can always throw a little something extra in your VIP guests’ bags from! 

12 July

Introducing 101-Day Returns

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Gemvara is excited to announce our new extended return policy.  Every Gemvara piece now includes a risk-free 101-day money-back return policy. Buy it, try it on, and if you’re not in love, you can return it easily with our money-back guarantee. Just send your jewelry back in its original unworn condition for a full refund. All you’ll pay is return shipping.  To learn more about the new policy, you can read about it here.  Happy shopping!

11 July

History of Jewelry: Amethyst

This purple stone celebrates level-headed sobriety as it comes from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning “not drunken.”  Ancient banquets frequently served wine in Amethyst goblets to promote soberness in guests through the long hours of feasting.  The legend behind the name stems from Dionysus, the Greek god of intoxication.  One day he was very angry and cursed the first person to cross him, which happened to be Amethyst, a young maiden on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana.  Amethyst prayed to Diana for protection as Dionysus released tigers on the maiden and in return, Diana turned Amethyst into a statue of pure crystalline quartz.  Dionysus immediately wept tears of wine in remorse which stained the quartz purple and thus creating the gem we know today.

Amethyst is also representative of piety and celibacy; bishop’s rings have been set with amethyst since the Middle Ages.  Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethyst could prevent evil thoughts while sharpening intelligence.  Tibetan Buddhists often use amethyst in meditation rosaries to aid in peace and tranquility.  Medieval European soldiers used amethyst amulets for protection and healing.

Amethyst is the traditional February birthstone.  The color range is from light pink to deep purple which comes from iron impurities in its quartz structure.  It was formally a precious gem with values similar to diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald but has since been modified to semi-precious after large deposits were discovered in Brazil.

Shop amethyst jewelry at Gemvara

9 July

How to Wear: Alexandrite

Garden Parties with Gemvara
This flowing, blush-colored dress lightens up the forest green and deep red tones of Alexandrite.  The bright green shoes make a statement while bringing out the sparkle in the Gemvara pieces.  This outfit is perfect for summer events since the fabric in the dress will promote airflow and wedges are much easier to walk in than pumps, especially if the event is outside/on grass.  You will want the Gemvara pieces to sparkle on their own, so keep makeup natural and a small clutch in a neutral color.
The Liana Ring uses a playful garden-like design which is perfect for Alexandrite’s earth tones and the outfit’s theme in general.  The Cadena d’Amour Necklace compliments the romantic silhouette and fabric of the dress.  Be sure to wear your hair off your shoulders to showcase the sweetheart neckline, keep you cool, and of course, show off the beautiful Watercolor Romance Drops with Rock Crystal.  These earrings are delicate enough to wear everyday but are sure to make the wearer sparkle.

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