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3 May

Angelina Jolie: Get the Look

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we think it’s safe to assume you’ve heard that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are engaged. Can we get a resounding, “Finally!”? Now let’s get right into the good stuff – the ring. While it’s not an emerald (May’s birthstone) or a black diamond like we had guessed, the ring is no doubt a showstopper.

Designed by Robert Procop in collaboration with Pitt himself, the ring is a dazzling tablet-shaped diamond ringing in at $500,000. However, if you don’t have that kind of cash lying around, Gemvara offers a similar style in the Evelyn Ring. Set in rock crystal Gemvara’s ring comes to $1,200.

How do you feel about wearing a celebrity-look-alike engagement ring? Would you wear this style? Or customize it to be your own?

19 December

Britney's Fairy Tale Ring

America’s pop princess is engaged, and this time we have a feeling it will last more than two days.

Jason Trawick asked Britney Spears to marry him last Thursday, on the eve of his 40th birthday. Britney and Jason have been dating for two years and he was previously her agent/manager.

Britney was ecstatic over the proposal and she had no qualms about sharing. She tweeted a message telling everyone that night and even changed her relationship status on Facebook to “Engaged.” Oh, the world of social media.

Conveniently, Friday night was Jason’s actual birthday and the couple celebrated their soon-to-be nuptials with a big bash in Vegas. It was here that we got to see a glimpse of her Neil Lane sparkler.

The 3-carat, round solitaire is fit for a princess. Lane, who designed the ring from scratch, made it with a tiara-motif, a handmade platinum setting, and an eternity band consisting of 90 diamonds. Apparently Jason didn’t want an over-the-top ring. Yeah… right.

Lucky for anyone lusting over this princess ring, Gemvara’s Carrie Ring is a near-perfect match. A gorgeous, round center stone that can be set with any gem of your choosing, the Carrie Ring is undoubtedly a show-stopper. Ranging in carat size from 0.77 to 5.02 it also virtually fits any price range.

Britney got her fairy tale ring, so why can’t you?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

30 November

Anne Hathaway Is Engaged!

Anne Hathaway may have played a princess on-screen, but her life off-screen isn’t much different. Anne has found her prince charming… and charming he is!

Boyfriend, Adam Shulman proposed to Anne over the weekend with a ring that he designed himself. Shulman (an actor, as well) began designing his own jewelry line and consequently played a key role in designing Anne’s ring. He worked closely with Kwiat jewelers to create something custom and unique. We’d say this guy’s a keeper!

Michael O’Connor commented to Us Weekly that the 6-carat ring in a platinum setting is likely to be worth $150,000. “After all that Anne’s been through in the past she knows the value of quality in everything, from her men to her engagement ring,” jewelry expert Michael O’Connor told Us Weekly. “Like a fine romance, this setting will embrace the diamond forever and never fade or change color.”

During the couple’s most recent outing in NYC many photos were taken of the ring, however, it’s shape and intricacy are hard to make out. Most of the photos appear to portray the ring as a round or halo diamond (see above), yet Martha Stewart Weddings wrote on their blog today that the ring is, in fact, an emerald-cut! We’re dying for a clear shot to eliminate the mystery, but for now we’re going to believe Martha. What do you think?

The Quotation Ring is an emerald-cut Gemvara engagement rings that may be similar to Anne’s. Here’s a look at some of other popular celebrity engagement rings.

Photo Credit: D Dipasupil / Getty Images, PopSugar

19 October

Sapphire Showdown

There’s another spectacular sapphire on British soil these days, and dare we say it may be the rock to rival royalty.

Elizabeth Hurley, 46, got engaged on September 31st to professional cricketer, Shane Warne, 42, with a 9-carat blue sapphire that is estimated at $100,000. We are swooning.

In a recent interview with, jewelry expert, Michael O’Connor chatted about the fabulous ring:

“[It’s a] platinum setting with an approximate 9-carat center blue sapphire and a 2-carat Trillion cut diamond on each side,” O’Connor says. “Shane made the right choice by setting the sapphire in platinum, since platinum doesn’t change color or fade – so it symbolizes a relationship that will endure.”

“Shane Warne is clearly a romantic,” O’Connor adds. “Since not only is blue sapphire a favorite of British royalty, but it’s also his birthstone!”

Wish this ring could be on your finger? Lucky for you, Gemvara has a very similar style. Our Pinnacle Ring features an emerald-cut center stone, set in any gemstone and metal you fancy. Gemvara also makes a ring just like Kate’s — the other British bombshell to wear the “royal” blue.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

7 October

The Friday Link List

The beginning of Pink October, the end of fashion month, and a heartfelt farewell to a genuine genius. This week around the web…

The month of October kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Gemvara is teaming up with the Ellie Fund! Take a look at all the ways to give back this month.

Gemvara was a Grommet this week! Check out our story featured on the Daily Grommet website.

Nothing seems to shock anyone these days, but we promise you, these numbers will leave you speechless. Check out this insane celebrity engagement ring infographic and be sure to share with friends!

Gemvara partners up with Gen Art and the Palladium Alliance International for a competition to find the next palladium jewelry designer.

Guys, stumped on what to buy your sweetheart for your anniversary? Look no further than our simple and easy gift guide. (Ladies, feel free to pass this along!)

Paris Fashion Week officially ended the fashion trip around the globe, but not without a bang. Take a look at what color populated the runways, and these stunning images of Paris street style from FaceHunter.

Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away this week, just as the annoucement for the iPhone 4s arrived. Many people all over the web created wonderful graphics and tributes to him.

An unfortunate, but hilarious bridal mishap via A CUP OF JO.

“The Most Insanely Freaking Gorgeous Yet Incredibly Unique and Undeniably Beautiful Wedding On the Planet” via Style Me Pretty.

Have a lovely weekend!

14 September

Wedding Wednesday: Gemstone Rings

While we will always love traditional diamonds (what girl doesn’t?), here at Gemvara we can’t resist the individuality and personality of colored gemstones. Each gem means something different and each ring tells its own story. We aren’t alone in our affections either. Here is a round-up of celebrities who celebrated their engagements a bit more colorfully.

The most well-known gemstone engagement ring, of course, is Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s 18-carat blue sapphire ring. Sapphires symbolize trust and loyalty, which make them especially meaningful. They are popular too: Penelope Cruz wears a romantic, three-carat sapphire engagement ring and Jenna Bush has an antique looking three-stone engagement ring with sapphires on the side. Another celebrity with a sapphire ring is Nicole Richie, but her ring is a unique pink sapphire.

Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor are famous for their emerald engagement rings. Both rings were very modern at the time they were received and are a true statement to both women’s iconic style. Emeralds have long symbolized love and rebirth. They are known for their youthful beauty and are the perfect choice for the fashion-forward woman.

A ruby, as seen on Jessica Simpson, is not for the faint of heart. A ruby symbolizes courage and emotion. It holds a fiery passion and represents burning desire. A ruby is the perfect gem to symbolize a deeply passionate love. It’s also July-born Jessica’s birthstone.

Tara Reid was very recently spotted wearing a 12-carat bezel-set, citrine engagement ring. This is a gem you don’t see every day, but its meaning makes it a perfect engagement ring. Citrine symbolizes happiness, joy, and optimism.

Diamonds can be more colorful too. Carmen Electra and TV character Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City both have black diamond engagement rings- an edgy, mysterious gem for the ultimate showstopper. Carrie Underwood got engaged with a five-plus carat, fancy yellow diamond to suit her sweet personality. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez both received pink diamonds upon their engagements. Mariah’s 17-carat ring has an emerald cut, pink diamond surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds with two half-moon diamonds on each side. Jennifer Lopez, who has been married three times, got her six carat pink diamond was from Ben Affleck, and a 8.5 carat blue diamond from Marc Anthony. What color will her next diamond be?

Photo Credit: Allen Berezovsky / PR Photos, Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos, Landmark / PR Photos, Janet Mayer / PR Photos, PRN / PR Photos

11 August

J.Lo's Memorable Engagement Rings

Unfortunately for Jennifer Lopez it seems that the third time is not a charm. Jennifer and Marc Anthony have officially called it quits after seven years of marriage— a feat in Hollywood, but sad nonetheless. Jennifer, who has been married two times before, recently won America over (once again) with her endearing role as a judge on American Idol. It seemed that the public was truly rooting for her and her marriage to succeed and were shocked to hear of the split, especially since the couple has 3 yr. old twins.

Aside from the disheartening news, Jennifer still remains optimistic about love saying in an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair magazine, “Sometimes it doesn’t work—and that’s sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love.”

As onlookers we can only hope her next suitor is prepared to live up to her engagement ring standard. Jennifer owns two multi-million dollar rocks from her previous marriages. Her first ring from Ben Affleck was a 6 carat pink diamond weighing in at 3 million dollars. This stunner was unbelievable at the time, but Marc Anthony (not to be outdone) got Jennifer an even bigger 8.5 carat blue diamond setting him back over 4 million dollars.

Which of Jennifer’s rings do you like better—the pink or the blue? What do you suggest for her next ring? A fancy yellow diamond, perhaps?










Photo Credit: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos, Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic, Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

28 July

Happy Birthday Jackie!

She taught the country about the transforming possibilities of beauty and in the end showed the world that style was a state of being. Today, on what would be her 82nd birthday, we honor Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for teaching us to stick to what we believe in, not be afraid to carve our own path, and of course, to always wear great jewelry.

One of the greatest icons of the 21st century, Jackie O. was known for making everything she wore an instant classic: A-line dress, oversized sunglasses, pillbox hats and especially her vast collection of fine and fashion jewelry. Never wearing too much or too little, Jackie always knew how to make it look good.

During her early years in the White House as the First Lady to President Kennedy, she displayed a style charming and dignified. She immortalized the classic three-strand pearl necklace, as well as pearl earrings. She also wore a most original engagement ring: a Van Cleef & Arpels stunning diamond and emerald ring, given to her by the late John F. Kennedy.

Later in her life, when she married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, her style became more natural sophisticate. It is known that Aristotle showered Jackie in gems of all kinds, giving her lavish bouquets of flowers with jewelry tucked in them (!). It was in her marriage to Aristotle that she came into possession of a series of Harry Winston bracelets as well as many other substantial pieces, like the famous 40 carat marquise Lesotho III diamond ring that Aristotle bought her as a gift when she agreed to marry him.

Jackie’s jewelry collection was sold in April of 1996 during an auction of her estate by Sotheby’s. It was estimated that Jackie had acquired $5 million in jewelry over her lifetime. The auction, which sold many of Jackie’s prized pieces including her engagement ring to Aristotle, was only the jewels that her family did not want to keep. Imagine that!

Jackie’s timeless style with a hint of innovation can be matched at Gemvara with pieces like the Pearl Studs with Gem Drop, Princess Halo Earrings and the Band of Brillance.






Photo Credit: STAFF / AFP / Getty Images

21 July

Six Ways to Get Kate's Style

It’s safe to say that America is thoroughly smitten with Kate Middleton. Ever since her engagement to Prince William back in November 2010 people all around the globe have been coveting her elegant style. From her luscious locks and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day, there is nothing not to like about this easy-going beauty. Here are six ways to emulate Kate’s look– all available at Gemvara!

Princess Kate Ring
Frankly, Kate’s ring has become a cultural phenomenon. The 18-carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds was originally the engagement ring of Princess Diana, but something tells us that she would not be upset to have Kate wearing it today. Gemvara’s version of Kate’s ring is 2.45 carats and available in platinum or white gold.

Kate Earrings
If you haven’t already caught on to our obsession with Kate’s diamond drop earrings then you are in for a treat. These dazzling jewels are to-die-for (or at least good enough to compete for). Featuring the motif of her new family crest, the earrings were a gift to Kate from her parents. For those of us without a family crest, try Gemvara’s version.

Halo Pendant
Although not all of us may look like Kate in a bikini, it’s easy to copy her light and shimmery jewelry. Kate was spotted back in March wearing a circular diamond necklace while vacationing on a yacht in Ibiza. Gemvara’s Halo Pendant is comparable to her piece and simple enough to wear every day.

Gem Drop Earrings
Duchess Catherine must have an affinity for sapphires because, along with her ring, she has also been seen wearing sapphire earrings. Surrounded by diamonds, these circular drop earrings complement her ring perfectly. If you love sapphires just as much as Kate, take a peek at Gemvara’s Gem Drop Earrings.

Small Brillant Cross
A more recent addition to Kate’s wardrobe is her diamond cross. A popular piece in a classic design, this item can easily become one of your most versatile jewels. Kate wears hers with fancy dresses and hats, but we feel this essential can be paired down with jeans just as nicely.

Pear Citrine Earrings
Taking a step away from sapphires, Kate has also been seen wearing citrine droplet earrings. Paired with navy dresses or a neutral shift, these earrings add a pop of color to all your basics. Plus, doesn’t this sunny yellow just make everyone want to smile like Kate?

Photo Credits (Top to Bottom): Samir Hussein / WireImage, Paul Hacket / WPA Pool / WireImages, Photorazzi, George Pimentel / WireImage, Chris Jackson / Pool / GettyImages, SolarPix / PR Photos

18 July

Angelina's Engagement Ring?

It’s official! Brangelina is finally tying the knot! After six long years of PDA-packed romance, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are set to exchange vows within the next few months. According to an article from Us Weekly, the ceremony will be “intimate and informal.” The couple, who we sometimes forget is not married, previously preached that they would not partake in a traditional marriage until it was legal for everyone (gay or straight), but have since changed their story thanks to pressure from their kids.

Way to go tots! Now the fun starts. With no engagement ring reported, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to design some jewels we think Angie might like. Since her style is exotic we chose two rings that match her mysterious personality: The Pave Lotus Ring and the Apex Ring.

The Pave Lotus Ring was our first pick. Symbolizing elegance and perfection, this three dimensional ring was designed by Jeet Palavwala to be an absolute showstopper. With pave all around the band and an inky, black diamond center, we feel this portrays the all the sultry, yet stunning qualities of Angelina.

Anything but ordinary or traditional, we also felt that Angelina wouldn’t settle for just any ring. Our second pick is the Apex Ring, an emerald-cut emerald platinum ring with diamonds. Although it is rare to wear an emerald as an engagement gem, Angelina has made her affection for emeralds quite clear (she has worn them to almost every red carpet event), so why not? Plus, green is definitely her color!

What do you think? Should Angelina go a more traditional route with a colorless diamond, or do you like our contemporary engagement ring picks?

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