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7 May

Get Angelina’s Engagement Ring — For Less Than $1,200!

As seen in Life and Style:

The engagement ringBrad Pitt bought for Angelina Jolie is certainly a stunner…and now you can own it!

Starting today, fans and shoppers alike can get a similar ring (above) designed by Gemvara. And just like Brad, shoppers can create their own by changing the metal and gemstones!

“I designed this ring inspired by romance and love,” Roy Albers, vice president of jewelry creation for Gemvara, tells Life & Style. “This waterfall of emerald-cut gemstones elegantly flows across the finger, and the brilliant flash captures the eye. I think it is the perfect ring to give to the one you love.”

The Rock Crystal and Sterling Silver ring, which retails for $1,195, is nothing short of elegant.

“Its distinctive emerald-cut center gem and sparkling emerald-cut side stones combine to create this beautiful statement piece,” a rep for the company tells Life & Style.

As Life & Style previously reported, Brad finally gave the token of his love to Angie on Christmas after seven years together. He worked for more than a year co-designing the ring with jeweler Robert Procop, whom Angie works close with on her line Style of Jolie.

19 April

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring Spawns Lots of Lookalikes

As seen on

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Engagement Ring
Courtesy Jacob & Co.; Courtesy Gemvara

We can’t all have Brad Pitt— or a ring estimated at $1 million, either — but several jewelers already have Angelina Jolie-inspired sparklers ready to go.

Jacob & Co., the jeweler loved by stars like Jay-Z, Nick Cannon and Kevin Jonas, has its own version of Jolie’s ring (left), an 18-karat white gold creation with baguette-cut diamonds around the band retailing for a cool $338,000 — before the addition of an extra-large emerald-cut center stone.

A more affordable option comes by way of Gemvara, which just released a rock crystal and sterling silver version of the ring for $1,195. The bauble features an emerald-cut center gem and emerald-cut side stones.


Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Engagement Ring
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art/PRNewsFoto

Jolie’s engagement ring — which could weigh up to 10 carats and cost as much as $1 million, according to an independent expert — was created by Pitt with jeweler Robert Procop, who also works on the actress’s “Style of Jolie” line.

“Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realized over a year-long collaboration with Robert,” a spokesperson for Procop said in a statement. “He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so Robert was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suit Angelina’s hand.” Tell us: Would you buy a replica of Jolie’s ring?

18 April
13 April

In Case of Emergency…

bride emergency kit

(This is part of our guest series posts by Amy McLaughlin – celeb stylist and wedding planner)

Something I learned years ago as a wedding planner, is that, no matter how well thought-out, planned and prepped, there is always at least one unforseen “hiccup” that occurs in every bride’s big day. After seeing and dealing with enough of these little mishaps, I decided to put together a “bridal emergency kit” that would accompany me to all wedding jobs…for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, from this day forward.

While I sure hope that you don’t have any emergencies on your big day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here’s a list of just-in-case items to ensure that your dream wedding goes off without a hitch…

  • Advil, Tylenol or Excedrin
  • Band-Aids
  • Bottle of water
  • Breath mints/spray
  • Chalk (to cover up any last minute smudges or smears on your wedding dress)
  • Clear nail polish (for stocking runs)
  • Corsage pins
  • Comb/brush
  • Cash (because you never know)
  • Deodorant
  • Dental floss/toothpicks
  • Eye drops
  • Extra earring backs
  • Extra panty hose
  • Granola bars or other easy-to-carry snacks
  • Hair spray
  • Hair pins/ponytail holder
  • Hem tape
  • Krazy Glue (for nail fixes, shoe heels, decorations, even jewels)
  • Matches
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Makeup (for touch-ups)
  • Mirror
  • Nail file
  • Perfume
  • An extra ring (just in case!)
  • Safety pins
  • Scotch tape
  • A Sedative such as Xanax (don’t ask!)
  • Small folding scissors
  • Smelling salts (while we don’t expect anyone to faint, it has been known to happen)
  • Spot remover
  • Static-cling spray
  • Straws (so the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick)
  • Tissues
  • Tweezers
  • Tums
  • Tampons/sanitary napkins
  • Wet-wipes

I recommend having one of your bridesmaids take care of these essentials so that you can relax, breathe, and know that if anything were to go wrong, your girls have your back ;)

30 March

One Wedding Tradition That's Not to be Missed!

There are so many traditions surrounding weddings that, as a Bride-to-be, it is easy to loose track when there are countless other tasks at hand to be concerned with. It is said that, for good luck, you need something borrowed, something old, something new and, oh goodness, something blue! Your bridesmaids are the go-to gals for making sure your bases are covered in this department so don’t be shy about calling upon them to complete the list of necessities! There is one tradition, however, that can only fall in the hands of a certain very special person…your beloved groom!

Most often it is the bride and/or her family who take on the financial responsibility of the wedding itself. The many tiring months of planning your dream day are also likely to fall in your lap, with the exception of a few choice activities such as the cake testing, which is an appointment most guys conveniently find the time in their schedules to accompany you to! As a way of saying “thank you” for all of your hard work, the groom is expected to buy his blushing bride a very special wedding gift.

Please allow me to set the scene for you…Wedding Day: roughly 2 hours away from “show-time”. You are nestled in your bridal suite sipping champagne while being fussed over by your “glam squad” who are making sure that every eyelash is extended to it’s fullest and each curl is pinned in place just perfectly. There is a knock at the door and your Maid of Honor rushes to answer it, making sure to open the door just a crack as not to let just anyone see the guest of honor before she is camera ready! It is the Best Man who has come to deliver something special from the groom. The gift is promptly snatched out of his hands and the door is shut. The bridal party all gather around while you do the honors in opening what looks to be a jewelry box. Oh wait, first there is a note! (Who can blame a girl for almost missing the envelope when that jewelry box is staring her in the face!) The card reads; “Thank you for marrying me today. I will love you forever and ever.” ….or something along those lines but anything sweet will do when there’s a bauble to be opened! Wide eyes and ooohing and ahhing come from the group as you hold up your gorgeous necklace, bracelet, ring or pair of earrings! What a perfect start to a magical day! As you walk down the aisle, feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world,  you will proudly be wearing this new token from your hubby-to-be and your “thank you” to him will come in the form of a great big “I DO!”

**Ladies, I strongly encourage you to share this post with your fiances, as sometimes these messages are better received coming from an outside source ;)

The ideal wedding gift from your man needs to be something that will be able to be worn with your gown and not intrude on the overall “look” that you’ve got going on for your day when all eyes will be on YOU. He is best served seeking the help of someone close to you who knows, first-hand, exactly what you have planned for your wedding day look. Is the dress strapless, lending itself beautifully to a necklace or drop earrings? Or does it have a complicated neckline in which case he is safer to go with a earrings or a ring? Here are some of my favorite choices:

Groom to Bride Wedding Presents

(From left to right: The Gemvara Rosette Pendant, The Gemvara Naked Cushion Earrings, The Elliptical Circle Band)

Your treasured wedding gift from your husband will become an heirloom for you to pass down to your daughter someday, perhaps as her “something borrowed” when it’s her turn to walk down the aisle. This is one tradition not to be missed so make sure you clue your guy in on the importance of it! After all, his gift in return is marrying YOU!

– Amy McLaughlin | Lifestyle Designer |

15 February

Customize Your Camila Style

Camila Alves’ ring has finally seen the light of day (at least for us plebeians) at NYC Fashion Week. The model-turned-handbag designer flashed the three-stone, rose-cut diamond ring at a show, telling Us Weekly “it feels so great”. Eternally shirtless movie star/bronzed god Matthew McConaughey proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Day. What’s a rose cut? Think of a 3D, faceted dome, like a cut cabochon.

While Gemvara doesn’t currently offer rose-cut gems or diamonds (they’re not so easy to find), we do have four styles of lovely engagement rings very similar to Camila’s three-stone style. And because we’re all about customization, we’ve added some sparkly side gems. Which style is your favorite and how would you customize it? All diamonds? Center diamond with sapphires? Discuss!

8 February

Laugh It Off

Dear Gemvara,

I just wanted to thank you guys for making an incredible and gorgeous ring. Now, I don’t pretend to understand everything as this was a “promise” ring (apparently the ring before the ring) – I imagine I have the Jonas Brothers to thank for this – but regardless, it made an amazing anniversary gift.

Frankly, I had a very hard time trying to find the “right” Claddagh ring for Lisa. I spent weeks and looked at hundreds of rings, but in the end, I realized that I should have just started with making the perfect ring, instead of finding it. Creating something where I was able to put together the options and then engrave it, made this ring as unique as Lisa is – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Toss in the fact that you guys are in Boston made the Claddagh as “authentically Irish” as one would could get in the US :)

My reaction being positive enough, but when Lisa saw it, she was so excited it induced an asthma attack. I’m not sure how other people have reacted to your craft, but I think you guys have some serious bragging rights now… looking forward to the “real” ring next, though I might have to propose to her with medical staff standing by.

Thanks so much :)

– James

A few weeks ago we received this charming and comical e-mail from a customer, James. The office got a kick out of his girlfriend’s breathtaking reaction (pun intended) and it got us sharing stories of our own gift-giving hilarities — and mishaps!

In the spirit of James’ funny tale, we would like to know if you have any funny gift-giving or proposal stories. Did she fall off her chair? Did you forget the ring? Whatever it is, share it with us!

Leave your story in the comments below and hopefully we can all share a few laughs in the name of love.

18 January

Golden Globes Go Bridal

So technically it’s “Wedding Wednesday,” but, as with all award shows, we can’t help but carry our obsessions on throughout the course of the week (can you blame us?). So in true compromising fashion we are giving you a little bit of both. Here are the Golden Globe looks that we believe could easily translate into wedding style.

Would you try any of these bridal styles? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

11 January

Engaging Emerald

Halle Berry is ready to give it another go.

Along with all the other engagements that took place over the holiday, Halle’s long-time beau, Oliver Martinez popped the question with a diamond and emerald ring from Gurhan. A rep for the jewelry designer Gurhan confirmed the engagement to

We are psyched about Oliver’s choice of a colored gemstone. Although pictures of the ring have not yet surfaced, Halle (who has been married twice before) has been seen around town wearing a large emerald ring — on her ring finger, of course. From the pictures on, the ring looks like a bezel or prong setting in yellow gold.

Naturally, we’ve rounded up some affordable options to help you get her look for less.

What do you think of Halle’s fashionable ring choice? Would you wear a colored gemstone engagement ring?

29 December

Top Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2011

As we approach the start to a new year, it has become a tradition for ours to highlight the year’s top ten celebrity engagement rings. Always over-the-top, this year was no exception. The rings were bigger than we’ve ever seen before (some that could even cramp your hand) and the drama around them was no less juicy. Here we count down the best of the best of the year’s celebrity engagement rings. Which one is your favorite?

10. Tara Reid’s Citrine Engagement Ring

9. Kate Moss’ Vintage-Inspired Ring

8. Kate Hudson’s Emerald-Cut Diamond

7. Kristin Cavallari’s Square-Cut Stunner

6. Molly Sim’s Custom-Made Diane Von Furstenburg Ring

5. Nikki Reed’s Unconventional Ring

4. Kim Kardashian’s Enormous Lorraine Schwartz Bauble

3. Elizabeth Hurley’s Amazing Sapphire

2. Anne Hathaway’s Kwiat Diamond

1. Britney Spears’ Fairy Tale Ring

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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