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13 February

5 Ways to Wear Amethyst

13 March

How to Wear Your Claddagh Ring

Full of tradition and symbolism, the Claddagh Ring is a piece of jewelry worn for generations.  The detailed design features two hands clasping a heart, topped with a crown and is said to symbolize love, friendship, and loyalty.  Claddagh Rings have been worn and passed down for centuries as friendship rings, promise rings, and even for engagements and weddings.

What most find interesting is in the way it’s worn. Depending on the hand and the direction of the heart, the Claddagh Ring often conveys the status of one’s relationship. How would you wear yours?

Claddagh Ring

12 January

Emerald, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2013: How to Get Inspired

From red carpet to runway, the rich hue of emerald has always been a popular choice among starlets and designers. Now with Pantone (THE color authority) announcing emerald as 2013’s Color of the Year, expect to see this verdant shade making appearances everywhere. A striking tone, the emerald is one of four gemstones defined as “precious” and belongs to an elite list, which includes diamond, ruby, and sapphire. It’s hard to argue the exquisite quality of the color, but incorporating the hue into your wardrobe can also be a bit intimidating. Drawing on inspiration from industry trends in fashion, home décor, and beauty, we’ve come up with tips to navigate this beautifully bold color.


THE ACCENT: Inspiration from Fashion

Adding an accent of emerald to a LBD with a sequined clutch or satin heels creates an eye catching ensemble. Similarly, customizing a piece with emerald as an accent stone allows for a hint of the color and turns heads as shown in our Alyssa Ring.



SHADES OF GREEN: Inspiration from Home Décor

Think of emerald as a jumping-off point to explore other green shades for the home. A bold green wall might not work for most décor, but a softer green can create a calm and rejuvenating space and is neutral enough to compliment almost any aesthetic. Choosing a lighter green stone like green amethyst creates the same effect.

green amethyst


JUST GO FOR IT: Inspiration from Beauty

Notice me nails in a metallic emerald shade is for the person who isn’t afraid to make the color front and center (at least for a few days). Take the same daring approach with a brilliant solitaire emerald in a modern style.



How will you be inspired by 2013’s Color of the Year?

24 October

One Piece, Three Styles: Quintessence Ring

This week we bring you three looks using the Quintessence Ring. This ring is a best seller and perfect for all occasions – specifically used for anniversaries!


19 October

One Piece, Three Styles: Monsoon Earrings

The Monsoon Earrings are a classic earring with modern flair. The pear-shaped gemstone is suspended from spiral wires that go right through the gem for maximum sparkle. With the perfect customization, these earrings work for a hard day at work, a fun night out, and a casual weekend.

11 October

One Piece, Three Styles: Hannah Ring

Personalize the Hannah Ring and have it match any style. The stunning emerald cut center stone in this ring is a celebrity fave! Not to mention, the stunning princess-cut accent stones. Today we’ve given you three great ways and styles to wear a dress, a jacket, and a scarf.

4 October

One Piece, Three Styles: The Infinity Knot Pendant

Using your favorite October birthstones we have created three awesome outfits for fall. No need to worry about what to wear for apple picking, your next themed dinner, and a fall formal. The Infinity Knot pendant adds meaning to every look.


20 September

One Piece, Three Styles: Tall Hercules Knot Pendant

Everyone loves their little black dress. You know what dress I’m talking about – that dress that slims your thighs, brightens your skin tone, flatters your body type – that dress is your LBD, your little black dress. There is only one shade of pure black but there are many different styles to choose from when rocking that LBD!

15 September

One Piece, Three Styles: Carrie Princess Ring

The Carrie Princess Ring has a stunning, princess-cut gem is perfectly complemented by a delicate and feminine band with gems half-way around the finger. More gems surround the side of the center stone. All you’ll see from every angle is dazzling brilliance.




8 September

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