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6 May

The Gemvara Birthstone Guide

5_6 Birthstone Guide

Discover the lore, power, and meaning behind your birthstone with the Gemvara Birthstone Guide.

13 February
4 April

April Birthstone: Diamonds in Black & White

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If ever there was a birthstone to put a gleam in our eyes, diamond is it!  The April birthstone is the ultimate precious gem and also makes for a show-stopping birthday gift.  Generally, the name conjures up images of a simple, sparkly white stone, but with Gemvara there are creative ways to customize a diamond piece with your choice of the “little black dress” of gems, black diamond, or classic white with a finishing touch in your choice of 9 metals.  Below are some of our best-selling and most gift-able pieces, customized and poised to be the best birthday present ever.

The Written in the Stars Ring is one of our best sellers and it is no surprise – a great stack-able ring and a style that is perfect for everyday wear.  Customizing the piece in black diamond with rose gold creates a nice juxtaposition of edginess and warmth.

Black Diamond

There is now a way to achieve harmony and balance with diamonds (who would have thought?) with our Yin Yang Pendant.  Choose both black diamond and white diamond to create a look that is on trend and allows for the best of both diamond worlds.

Ying Yang

The Two Hearts Ring is a unique piece that is the definition of simplicity, and customizing in the April birthstone brings extra meaning.  It’s a true stunner in diamond and yellow gold.


7 March

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

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There is a certain amount of jealousy towards March babies and their coveted gemstone, aquamarine, and it is no surprise.  The gem is an exceptional stone with a delicate, water-like blue hue and is most often free from inclusions, leaving nothing but perfect clarity that radiates even under the softest light.  That quality alone has made aquamarine one of the most sought-after stones at Gemvara.

But perhaps the most alluring characteristic of the stone is the lore behind its pristine hue.  Derived from the Latin word for “seawater,” aquamarine has been part of the tradition of the sea for thousands of years.  In his book Gemstones, Edward Gübelin poetically notes that the stone was thought to ensure seafarers a safe return home, and “round the ship of marital fortune, it weaves ribbons of faithfulness.  The aquamarine is the gemstone of all young people and all those who have remained young at heart.”

With a captivation of aquamarine and a dream of warmer climates, we were inspired to create pieces evoking crystal-clear water, glittering waves and all things sea and sun.  Just a few happy (and tropical?) thoughts to get us through the end of winter.


Paradise at Sea: The Quintessence Ring, in emerald, sapphire and aquamarine was inspired by the pop of green from the palm tree and the mix of the light blue sea and deep blue sky.



Crashing Waves:You can almost hear the sound of crashing waves on a perfect summer day with the Ariadne Band customized in aquamarine and a sunny yellow gold.



Relaxation on the Beach:  Taking in the scenic view while sitting on a pristine white beach chair sounds perfect right now and the Matilda Ring in aquamarine, sapphire and topaz is quite the vista as well.


12 September

September Sapphires Infographic

We LOVE sapphires! Really – LOVE them! Which is why we decided to make an infographic to snare with you a few fun sapphire facts as they pertain to!

Sapphire Infographic


24 August

His and Her Bands: Create the perfect couple

Matching Wedding bands

You have already got your engagement ring but don’t forget the next step! We’ve gone above and beyond to make buying your matching wedding bands quick…and beautiful. These rings, while stunning alone, really come together to make the perfect pairs.

The Brilliant Alhambra Band and the Alhambra Knot Band make a seamless duo. With their similar Celtic knot motif and five shining sapphire gemstones, these bands are a striking way to unite your love.

Two pathways unite with the woman and men’s Two Roads Ring. The rose gold metal shines in this simple but symbolic union. These bands easily can be worn without your engagement ring.

The Classic Comfort Fit Band and the Rich & Thin Band are a classic take on a wedding band pairing. The Rich & Thin band sparkles stunningly while the Classic Comfort Fit Band is comfortable for your man.

Do you think the wedding band should always match the engagement ring or should it stand alone?

3 August

Customer Creation: Engagement Rings & Matching Bands


Natalie Ring, Duchess of Hearts Ring, Cecilia Ring

 A wedding ring doesn’t just have to be a simple diamond anymore. As our customer favorites show, engagement rings and matching bands have more flair and style than ever before.  Add a gemstone, add two gemstones, and create that perfect engagement ring for you! These customers didn’t let their engagement rings stand-alone but also added the perfect complimentary matching band.

Personalizing the Cecilia Ring with peridot and surrounded by diamonds, this customer created a classic but modern engagement ring. Feminine and delicate, the Cecilia Ring won’t be a wallflower. Add our Matching Band in peridot (or any gemstone you choose!) to compliment the ring.

Compliment your demure style with a simple, vintage ring. A classic combination rose gold and amethyst, this Duchess of Hearts Ring also boasts 28 iridescent diamonds and was made perfect for this customer. Matched with the Duchess of Hearts Band in rose gold, this customer now radiates nobility.

Demure and classic not your style? Go bold with the Natalie Ring. This customer chose a yellow gold metal and a citrine center gemstone for quite the impact. No one will miss their engagement thanks to the two rows of diamonds and white sapphires surrounding the gem and running down the band. Add the Matching Band for the ultimate sparkle combination.

Whether you design your engagement ring yourself, with a partner or are pleasantly surprised, these three creations are sure to make their future owners very happy! Slide your ring on your left hand ring finger and admire the subtle brilliance of a gemstone engagement ring.


Shop more Customer Creations at Gemvara

1 August

August Birthstone: Peridot

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Peridot is August’s birthstone and comes prepared with a bright demeanor and fascinating history!  Romans used to call peridot the “evening emerald” because it shines brighter in incandescent lighting than daylight.  Because of this, peridot was formerly mined at night.  Cleopatra was said to have an impressive collection of light green emeralds, and many geologists believe those stones were most likely peridot.  The largest cut stone can be found at the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC weighing in at 310 carats!  Peridot is also the 16th anniversary gemstone and is known to symbolize love, truth, faithfulness, and loyalty.

Still unclear how to pronounce it?  Though it look it should be pronounced “per-i-dot,” it is actually “pear-a-doe,”. Those tricky “T’s!

Below are  a few of our stylists’ favorite pieces in Peridot: Pear-Shape Solitaire PendantHurricane Ring, and Princess Halo Earrings?

Want to see more green baubles? Shop peridot here.

11 July

History of Jewelry: Amethyst

This purple stone celebrates level-headed sobriety as it comes from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning “not drunken.”  Ancient banquets frequently served wine in Amethyst goblets to promote soberness in guests through the long hours of feasting.  The legend behind the name stems from Dionysus, the Greek god of intoxication.  One day he was very angry and cursed the first person to cross him, which happened to be Amethyst, a young maiden on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana.  Amethyst prayed to Diana for protection as Dionysus released tigers on the maiden and in return, Diana turned Amethyst into a statue of pure crystalline quartz.  Dionysus immediately wept tears of wine in remorse which stained the quartz purple and thus creating the gem we know today.

Amethyst is also representative of piety and celibacy; bishop’s rings have been set with amethyst since the Middle Ages.  Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethyst could prevent evil thoughts while sharpening intelligence.  Tibetan Buddhists often use amethyst in meditation rosaries to aid in peace and tranquility.  Medieval European soldiers used amethyst amulets for protection and healing.

Amethyst is the traditional February birthstone.  The color range is from light pink to deep purple which comes from iron impurities in its quartz structure.  It was formally a precious gem with values similar to diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald but has since been modified to semi-precious after large deposits were discovered in Brazil.

Shop amethyst jewelry at Gemvara

9 July

How to Wear: Alexandrite

Garden Parties with Gemvara
This flowing, blush-colored dress lightens up the forest green and deep red tones of Alexandrite.  The bright green shoes make a statement while bringing out the sparkle in the Gemvara pieces.  This outfit is perfect for summer events since the fabric in the dress will promote airflow and wedges are much easier to walk in than pumps, especially if the event is outside/on grass.  You will want the Gemvara pieces to sparkle on their own, so keep makeup natural and a small clutch in a neutral color.
The Liana Ring uses a playful garden-like design which is perfect for Alexandrite’s earth tones and the outfit’s theme in general.  The Cadena d’Amour Necklace compliments the romantic silhouette and fabric of the dress.  Be sure to wear your hair off your shoulders to showcase the sweetheart neckline, keep you cool, and of course, show off the beautiful Watercolor Romance Drops with Rock Crystal.  These earrings are delicate enough to wear everyday but are sure to make the wearer sparkle.

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