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4 April

April Birthstone: Diamonds in Black & White

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If ever there was a birthstone to put a gleam in our eyes, diamond is it!  The April birthstone is the ultimate precious gem and also makes for a show-stopping birthday gift.  Generally, the name conjures up images of a simple, sparkly white stone, but with Gemvara there are creative ways to customize a diamond piece with your choice of the “little black dress” of gems, black diamond, or classic white with a finishing touch in your choice of 9 metals.  Below are some of our best-selling and most gift-able pieces, customized and poised to be the best birthday present ever.

The Written in the Stars Ring is one of our best sellers and it is no surprise – a great stack-able ring and a style that is perfect for everyday wear.  Customizing the piece in black diamond with rose gold creates a nice juxtaposition of edginess and warmth.

Black Diamond

There is now a way to achieve harmony and balance with diamonds (who would have thought?) with our Yin Yang Pendant.  Choose both black diamond and white diamond to create a look that is on trend and allows for the best of both diamond worlds.

Ying Yang

The Two Hearts Ring is a unique piece that is the definition of simplicity, and customizing in the April birthstone brings extra meaning.  It’s a true stunner in diamond and yellow gold.


7 March

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

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There is a certain amount of jealousy towards March babies and their coveted gemstone, aquamarine, and it is no surprise.  The gem is an exceptional stone with a delicate, water-like blue hue and is most often free from inclusions, leaving nothing but perfect clarity that radiates even under the softest light.  That quality alone has made aquamarine one of the most sought-after stones at Gemvara.

But perhaps the most alluring characteristic of the stone is the lore behind its pristine hue.  Derived from the Latin word for “seawater,” aquamarine has been part of the tradition of the sea for thousands of years.  In his book Gemstones, Edward Gübelin poetically notes that the stone was thought to ensure seafarers a safe return home, and “round the ship of marital fortune, it weaves ribbons of faithfulness.  The aquamarine is the gemstone of all young people and all those who have remained young at heart.”

With a captivation of aquamarine and a dream of warmer climates, we were inspired to create pieces evoking crystal-clear water, glittering waves and all things sea and sun.  Just a few happy (and tropical?) thoughts to get us through the end of winter.


Paradise at Sea: The Quintessence Ring, in emerald, sapphire and aquamarine was inspired by the pop of green from the palm tree and the mix of the light blue sea and deep blue sky.



Crashing Waves:You can almost hear the sound of crashing waves on a perfect summer day with the Ariadne Band customized in aquamarine and a sunny yellow gold.



Relaxation on the Beach:  Taking in the scenic view while sitting on a pristine white beach chair sounds perfect right now and the Matilda Ring in aquamarine, sapphire and topaz is quite the vista as well.


16 December

The 12 Days of Christmas

Twelve days of Christmas are full of gems and sparkle. What would you like for your 12 days of Christmas?

12 December

Debut Offer #5: Crown Gem Pendant

For one week, take 25% off the Crown Gem Pendant in your choice of gem and metal. This is our last debut offer before the holiday season!

*Offer not valid with white center diamonds. Offer expires 12/17/2012 at midnight PST. Offer cannot be combined with Give a Free Gift program. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress. Shown above in London Blue Topaz and White Gold, Now $399, Reg $539; Black Onyx and Rose Gold, Nov $359, Reg $479; Red Garnet and Yellow Gold, Now $369, Reg $499.

28 November

Debut Offer #3: Infinity Petite Pave Symbol Pendant

Another week, another great offer! Buy yourself or someone special the Infinity Petite Pave Symbol Pendant. From today until December 5th, this pendant will be 25% off the original price in the gem and metal of your choice.

*Offer not valid of center stone diamonds. Offer expires 12/5/2012 at Midnight PST. Offer can not be combined. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress. Shown above in Diamond and White Gold, Now $449, Reg $609; London Blue Topaz and Yellow Gold, Now $399, Reg $539; Rhodolite Garent and Sterling Silver, Now $229, Reg $309.



22 November
21 November

Debut Offer #2: Naked Gem Pendant

This week’s offer matches the gorgeous earrings from Oprah’s Favorite Things! The Naked Cushion Pendant is a stunning necklace that has a cushion cut checkerboard stone. For just this week, we will be offering this pendant at 25% off the original price in the gem and metal of your choice.

*Offer not valid on center stone diamonds. Offer expires 11/28/2012 at Midnight PST. Offers can not be combined. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress.  Show above in Rose de France and Silver, Now $229, Reg $309; Lemon Quartz and Yellow Gold, Now $309, Reg $419; Blue Topaz and Rose Gold, Now $369, Reg $499.

18 November

Gemvara’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Introducing our 2012 Gift Guide! We’ve curated our best sellers and new collections to make a guide perfect for you. Our newly added collections include gorgeous pendants, earrings, and collectible charms.

Petite Pave Collection

A new collection for the holiday season, featuring charms, pendants and earrings, these perfect pieces are are irresistible. The pendants come in a variety of shapes and include the Puzzle Pendant, the Dove Pendant, and the Heart Pendant. Choose your gemstones and metal to create your own piece.

Cherished Charms

We are very excited to have added charms to Gemvara! Our charms are personal – every piece can be custom-made with her favorite gemstones and precious metals. Some of the favorites include the Petite Pave Star Charm, the Naked Round Gem Charm, and the Om Charm.

Also check out our Best-Loved Gifts, Love Knots, Naked Gems, and Debut Offer (a limited time offer on one piece that runs for a week and changes every Wednesday!).

What new piece is your favorite?

15 November

Fall Weddings!

At Gemvara, we love weddings. Every season there are great new ideas on how to make your wedding that is planned for the fall even more festive. On Pinterest, we have collected a ton of great ideas on our Fall Wedding page.

My favorite three design ideas are the simple influence from the cornucopia for the bouquets, engraving pumpkins, and lining the aisle with leaves. All three of these beautiful ideas add classic style and simple grace (fall style) to your wedding.

Simultaneously, we have created some gorgeous piece for your fall wedding either as mother (or father) of the bride gifts or for your beautiful bridesmaids!

The Naked Pave Petite Pendant us a 10mm pave disc pendant that has a beautiful thumbprint profile.  This gorgeous customization has the two gemstones, citrine and rhodolite garnet, set in sterling silver. Perfect for fall, these colors are reminiscent of a cool fall sunset. Also perfect for the mother of the bride to wear on your big day!

Your bridesmaids will love the Embrace Ring. Two graceful curves embrace and hold the center gemstone – in this version, a gorgeous round rhodolite garnet. A simple and classic gift, this ring will look fantastic with their fall inspired dresses.

If you aren’t feeling like giving a necklace to the mother of the bride, another gorgeous option are the Belle Earrings. Absolutely stunning, these earrings have one round citrine gemstone and one pear cut citrine gemstone with a red garnet round stone in the middle. They are vintage inspired and a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Check out our Fall Wedding Pinterest board for my ideas and stay tuned for more inspired wedding boards!

14 November

Weekly Debut Offer #1: the Knotted Vines Ring

Now at Gemvara, for a limited time only, we will be having a Debut Offer every week until Wednesday, December 12th – just in time for Christmas! The Knotted Vines Rings is a new addition to our Love Knots collection that is rapidly growing! This gorgeous ring has the feeling of trailing vines enclosing a stunning, 5mm round-cut center. For just this week, we will be offering this ring at 30% off the original price in the gem and metal of your choice.

*Offer not valid on center stone diamonds. Offer expires 11/20/2012 at Midnight PST. Offers can not be combined. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress.  Shown above in Blue Topaz and Silver, Now $139, Reg $199; Green Amethyst and Rose Gold, Now $338, Reg $558; Yellow Gold and Tanzanite, Now $535, Reg $897

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