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3 February

Our Groundhog Day Email Glitch

Sunday was a long day for us, and for those of you who were stuck wading through up to 165 of our emails! Delete, delete, delete… It seems our email provider had some database connectivity issues (if you happen to be an oracle expert, we’ll bet they’re hiring!). It was reminiscent of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: every time their database reconnected to the internet it was forced to relive the all-too-recent past, repeatedly sending our email to our beloved customers’ inboxes over and over again. Put that on internet speed and out go 125 emails before the folks at Cheetahmail could say “Punxsutawney Phil!”

All we wanted to do was gently remind you that our best deal for the Valentine’s Day holiday would be ending soon. Instead, we threw a runaway email party that we hope didn’t inconvenience you too much. Can we make it up to you with an even better Valentine’s deal of 20% off through February 4? If you were planning to give the gift of customized jewelry, now’s the absolute best time to buy (discount excludes certified diamonds). And if you unsubscribed, we understand, but hope you’ll re-join our list (there’s lots of great stuff coming soon that we don’t want you to miss out on, and no more inbox blasts, we promise!)

Please accept our apology with our best deal of 2014:

Matt Marcus
CMO Gemvara

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