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21 November

Debut Offer #2: Naked Gem Pendant

This week’s offer matches the gorgeous earrings from Oprah’s Favorite Things! The Naked Cushion Pendant is a stunning necklace that has a cushion cut checkerboard stone. For just this week, we will be offering this pendant at 25% off the original price in the gem and metal of your choice.

*Offer not valid on center stone diamonds. Offer expires 11/28/2012 at Midnight PST. Offers can not be combined. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress.  Show above in Rose de France and Silver, Now $229, Reg $309; Lemon Quartz and Yellow Gold, Now $309, Reg $419; Blue Topaz and Rose Gold, Now $369, Reg $499.

19 November

Oprah’s Favorite Things!

We’re so excited that our Naked Cushion Triple Earrings were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012 that we’re giving them to you at 15% off!

18 November

Gemvara’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Introducing our 2012 Gift Guide! We’ve curated our best sellers and new collections to make a guide perfect for you. Our newly added collections include gorgeous pendants, earrings, and collectible charms.

Petite Pave Collection

A new collection for the holiday season, featuring charms, pendants and earrings, these perfect pieces are are irresistible. The pendants come in a variety of shapes and include the Puzzle Pendant, the Dove Pendant, and the Heart Pendant. Choose your gemstones and metal to create your own piece.

Cherished Charms

We are very excited to have added charms to Gemvara! Our charms are personal – every piece can be custom-made with her favorite gemstones and precious metals. Some of the favorites include the Petite Pave Star Charm, the Naked Round Gem Charm, and the Om Charm.

Also check out our Best-Loved Gifts, Love Knots, Naked Gems, and Debut Offer (a limited time offer on one piece that runs for a week and changes every Wednesday!).

What new piece is your favorite?

15 November

Fall Weddings!

At Gemvara, we love weddings. Every season there are great new ideas on how to make your wedding that is planned for the fall even more festive. On Pinterest, we have collected a ton of great ideas on our Fall Wedding page.

My favorite three design ideas are the simple influence from the cornucopia for the bouquets, engraving pumpkins, and lining the aisle with leaves. All three of these beautiful ideas add classic style and simple grace (fall style) to your wedding.

Simultaneously, we have created some gorgeous piece for your fall wedding either as mother (or father) of the bride gifts or for your beautiful bridesmaids!

The Naked Pave Petite Pendant us a 10mm pave disc pendant that has a beautiful thumbprint profile.  This gorgeous customization has the two gemstones, citrine and rhodolite garnet, set in sterling silver. Perfect for fall, these colors are reminiscent of a cool fall sunset. Also perfect for the mother of the bride to wear on your big day!

Your bridesmaids will love the Embrace Ring. Two graceful curves embrace and hold the center gemstone – in this version, a gorgeous round rhodolite garnet. A simple and classic gift, this ring will look fantastic with their fall inspired dresses.

If you aren’t feeling like giving a necklace to the mother of the bride, another gorgeous option are the Belle Earrings. Absolutely stunning, these earrings have one round citrine gemstone and one pear cut citrine gemstone with a red garnet round stone in the middle. They are vintage inspired and a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Check out our Fall Wedding Pinterest board for my ideas and stay tuned for more inspired wedding boards!

14 November

Weekly Debut Offer #1: the Knotted Vines Ring

Now at Gemvara, for a limited time only, we will be having a Debut Offer every week until Wednesday, December 12th – just in time for Christmas! The Knotted Vines Rings is a new addition to our Love Knots collection that is rapidly growing! This gorgeous ring has the feeling of trailing vines enclosing a stunning, 5mm round-cut center. For just this week, we will be offering this ring at 30% off the original price in the gem and metal of your choice.

*Offer not valid on center stone diamonds. Offer expires 11/20/2012 at Midnight PST. Offers can not be combined. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress.  Shown above in Blue Topaz and Silver, Now $139, Reg $199; Green Amethyst and Rose Gold, Now $338, Reg $558; Yellow Gold and Tanzanite, Now $535, Reg $897

13 November

How To: Create your Gemvara Holiday Wish List

There are so many pieces to choose from on Gemvara – and so many ways to make that piece your own. How could anyone possibly keep track? Thus, we are here to tell you – it is really simple. We have a beautiful wishlist option, it is just as easy as following these few steps.

1) Make a Gemvara account! With this account you get limited offers through our emails, access to new collections and new gift hubs. Also, you can make your wishlist. Find the link “JOIN” on the top right of the homepage.

2) Once you are all signed in, find the link “Wish List” on the top right. You’ll see that your Wish List is empty! So now, let’s create.

3) Find your favorite piece. Maybe you are a ring fan, maybe you love necklaces. For an example, let’s use a personal favorite, the Basira Ring with 4mm gemstone.

4) Now it is time to customize. I’m going to customize three options to pick my favorite.

5) I’m a huge rose gold fan, so I’m going to add the rose gold combination with the aquamarine stone to my wishlist. Click “Done Customizing” and then find the button “Add to Wish List”. It automatically saves to that page.

6) Keep customizing, keep creating, and find your perfect piece!

What pieces are you going to add to your wishlist?

8 November

New Additions to our Love Knots Collection!

Our Love Knots Collection has some of our best sellers. We are overjoyed to announced we’ve added to the collection! With new earrings, rings, and pendants in your favorite knots, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect piece for your loved one. Best sellers include the Infinity Knot Pendant, the Hercules Knot Ring, and the Studded Hercules Knot Ring.

The Infinity Knot Pendant is stylish and meaningful. With a red garnet set in sterling silver, this piece shines.

Match that pendant with your Hercules Knot Ring in sterling silver and blue topaz. The Hercules knot is the strongest of bonds. In ancient Rome, brides wore a belt tied in a Hercules knot to signify the strength of the marriage vows to bind a couple forever.

One of my personal favorites, the Studded Hercules Knot Ring is another version of the strong knot. In rose gold, this ring has 16 white sapphire and blue topaz gemstones.


The Basira Ring with a 6mm round cut center stone is a stunning piece of jewelry. The braided bold band in rose gold shows off the brilliant center stone in amethyst.

This thicker knot ring has a 7mm gemstone. The Aeryn Ring is in 14k yellow hold with an oval shaped aquamarine stone.

Another piece that proves that knots are gorgeous is the Yara Ring. Complete with a gorgeous 8mm center stone that is embraced by four prongs and a contemporary knot design. A classic mix rose gold and tanzanite, this ring is a show stopper.

Which knot do you prefer?



7 November

Celebrity Engagement Rings – 2012!

This year many celebrities have found their one true love and have shown off their passion with beautiful, stunning engagement rings. Another year, another count down of the best of the best in this year’s celebrity engagement rings.

1. Blake Lively’s  oval 10 carat pink diamond:

Blake’s ring blows us away. It is rumored to have cost as much as 2 million dollars and was designed by Lorraine Schwartz alongside Ryan Reynolds, her beau. The center stone is a flawless, light pink oval diamond. It was set in rose gold and has pave diamonds on the band that are very art deco. The center stone is around 10 carets and the surrounding diamonds in the two bands brings it to around 11-12 carats.

2. Miley Cyrus’s yellow gold, cushion-cut diamond ring: 

Miley Cyrus’s engagement was also quite a surprise given Liam and her’s young age. The ring was designed by Neil Lane and it does not follow the typical engagement ring trend. Miley went for the unconventional yellow cold with a smaller diamond (only 3.5 carats). The “Art-Nouveau” band also has many smaller diamonds. Lane was quote saying that the yellow gold “gave meaning to what [Miley] was wearing, something different, something be proud of.”

3. Halle Berry’s green and gold ring: 

We love Halle Berry’s emerald and diamond ring com commissioned by her beau Olivier Martinez from Robert Mazlo. Although it still hasn’t been confirmed, the band is suspected to be white gold or platinum with the 4 carat emerald center stone set in 18k yellow gold. She has filigree a design element that makes the ring unique. It has a code that only the wearer can understand. This ring also has two diamonds in the gold setting.

4. Jennifer Anniston’s emerald-cut diamond ring: 

Everyone’s favorite friend, Jennifer Aniston is finally (happily) engaged! Her beau, Justin Theroux proposed on his birthday and received the best present of all, Jen’s hand in marriage. The engagement ring is an 8 carat diamond emerald-cut ring takes up half of her finger. It is rumored to have cost as much as $500,000.

5. Keira Knightley’s brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring: 

Keira Knightley’s ring is stunning but classic. She became engaged in May when her finance James Righton proposed. It is a solid platinum band with a brilliant cut solitaire diamond in approximately 2 carats. It is worth around $40,000. It  is timeless and simple, just like Knightley.

6. Evan Rachel Wood’s diamond solitaire ring: 

Early in 2012, Evan Rachel Wood flaunted an enormous engagement ring from Jamie Bell her boyfriend. Jamie and her have had an up and down relationship but they rekindle in the summer of 2011. It is a simple ring with a large diamond on a plain white gold band. They got married only five days ago!

7. Anne Hathaway’s 6 carat diamond ring: 

Anne Hathaway got engaged in late 2011 to Adam Shulman. The ring is a design collaboration between her fiance and Kwiat Heritage Jewels. This ring is worth an estimated $150,000. It is in a platinum setting and a beautiful shining diamond. They recently got married and Anne wore a beautiful pink wedding gown.

8.  Jessica Biel’s vintage engagement ring: 

Justin Timberlake really out did himself with this stunning ring. With approximately six carats, the band and the center stone are rumored to have cost has much as $130,000. There are scrolling rope-sides with blackened platinum. It goes without saying, Jessica Biel has a stunning original ring. Recently married, Jessica also wore a pink gown.

9. JWoww’s cushion cut pink and white diamond ring: 
JWoww’s ring is a gorgeous ring and very unique. It is 7.5 carats and is rumored to have cost around $100,000. The center stone is around 5 carats surrounded by pink and white diamonds in a white gold setting. Her fiance Roger Mathews was heavily involved in the process including picking the diamonds and designing the ring. The process took several months. Fun fact? He asked her to marry him while skydiving!

 10. Avril Lavigne’s platinum-set pear shaped diamonds with half moons: 

Nothing surprised us more than Avril Lavigne’s engagement to Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger. After dating for six months, Kroeger proposed with this gigantic ring. The center diamond is approximately 10 carats with rare half-moon diamonds each 4 carats on the side. The pear shape diamond with the classic platinum has vintage glamour and individuality. It is valued at $350,000.

6 November

Why Gemvara?

So you might find yourself asking – why Gemvara? Why chose  us?

Here are 5 reasons why Gemvara’s the right choice for your holiday jewelry shopping:

1. Heirloom quality

2. Custom made by our team or artisians

3. Your choice of styles, gemstones, and metals

4. A Customer Care team that helps to bring your vision to life

5. 101 Day returns

3 November

Gem Class: Citrine

November’s honey-glowed birthstone, Citrine, is named after the French word ‘citrin’ meaning lemon. It comes in a multitude of colors that range from straw and sun yellow to a clay orange or a Maderia red. The red variety is the most valuable, the natural yellow is the most rare, but the straw and orange hued are the most popular.

The ancient Romans used citrine to make beautiful jewelry, however it didn’t become popular until the 18th century. The Arc Deco period, between World War I and II, graced us with many large citrine pieces for the likes of Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford. It is often used for rings with larger stones because of it’s lower price and ultimate shine.

Historically, citrine could be found in Spain, on the Scottish island of Arran, France and Hungary. Nowadays, most of the citrine comes from Brazil but most of the Brazilian material is just heat-treated amethyst. Real, natural citrine can be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Dauphine France, and Madagascar.

Citrine has many alleged miraculous powers. It symbolizes light-heartedness, joy, and happiness. Many times it is used as a protective talisman that calms and soothes the owner. Another signature of citrine is wisdom and peace. It enhances creativity and motivates writers.

This gemstone has also been known to possess magical healing powers. It is said to be beneficial for the digestion, stomach aches and  eliminating nightmares. It can also help treat diabetes and relieve depression and also reduces the harmful effects of electrical products and environmental toxins.

Not only is Citrine November’s birthstone, it’s also used to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversary.

Do you believe Citrine’s mystical powers?

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