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17 October

Which Gemstone Shape Fits You Best?

At Gemvara, we offer eight gemstone shapes to create your perfect engagement ring.  Each cut and shape has different qualities to make your gemstone sparkle and stand out.  If you’re more classic, you can’t go wrong with a round cut (the Carrie Ring is a customer favorite).  If you’re looking for something a little more unique, a marquise cut stone has a distinct, eye-catching shape sure to turn heads. No matter the cut of the stone, every ring is unique to you and your style.  Which gemstone shape fits you best?

 10_15 Gemstone Cut Blog

CushionHeart •  PearMarquise

3 January

Winter Weddings

Feeling inspired (and chilly), we have created a gorgeous Winter Weddings Pinterest board using the colors silver, white, and blue.  Whichever date you choose for your wedding, it must match the season. Every wedding can be customized down to the colorful decorations, from the rosette chandeliers below to the yarn centerpieces in soft colors to special eggnog cocktails.

Complete your wedding theme by matching your jewelry to your winter wedding colors. With Gemvara, it is easy to create custom pieces for your perfect day. The Forget Me Knot pendant is a perfect gift for the bride and can even double as something blue when customized with London Blue Topaz. As a wedding band, Rich and Thin Eternity Band in aquamarine and blue topaz is a classic, stunning band. The Kate Earrings were inspired by the earrings that bride Kate Middleton wore for her own walk down the aisle. In aquamarine and diamonds, they dazzle.

You can even change up the typical wedding apparel, adding subtle details that not only make everyone warmer, but add originality.  Replace your heels with silver rain boots as this bride did in order to walk down a snowy aisle. Want more than just a bridesmaid dress? Add a bridesmaid fur and keep your friends comfy and warm. Wearing a navy suit instead of black and adding a simple boutonniere instead of a flower adds a wintery touch and matches the color palette beautifully.

How will you customize your winter wedding?

25 December
21 December

Create Your New Year’s Look with Annabel Tollman


Celebrity stylist, Annabel Tollman, creates three noteworthy combinations for our Naked Cushion Earrings. No matter what your personal style may be, New Year’s never looked so luxe. Try hers or create your own with your choice of gemstones and metals, only at Gemvara.




“I picked the Naked Cushion Earrings in rock crystal with platinum to go with this black and white L’Wren Scott look. It’s simple and monochromatic, yet full of sparkle! A red lip is the finishing touch.”



“These Naked Cushion Earrings in chocolatey, smoky quartz with rose gold pair perfectly with this modern leather shift dress by The Row. The smoky quartz and rose gold together are really rich, and also make a great neutral. This is an awesome combination for any New Year’s event.”



“I love this pair in London blue topaz and rose gold to go with these Esteban Cortezar gold duchess satin pants and rose gold metallic t-shirt. I adore the blue and the gold together – the vibrant blue adds a pop of color to the neutral gold look.”


12 December

Debut Offer #5: Crown Gem Pendant

For one week, take 25% off the Crown Gem Pendant in your choice of gem and metal. This is our last debut offer before the holiday season!

*Offer not valid with white center diamonds. Offer expires 12/17/2012 at midnight PST. Offer cannot be combined with Give a Free Gift program. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress. Shown above in London Blue Topaz and White Gold, Now $399, Reg $539; Black Onyx and Rose Gold, Nov $359, Reg $479; Red Garnet and Yellow Gold, Now $369, Reg $499.

9 December

Gem Class: Tanzanite and Blue Topaz

Demand attention at your next holiday party with one (or two) of December’s birthstones, tanzanite and blue topaz. These two gemstones are stylish and stunning, perfect in any piece, created for you or your special someone.

A member of the mineral family zoisite, tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone. In fact, it only became a birthstone 10 years ago. Tanzanite was only named December’s birthstone in 2002. It’s velvety purplish-blue color is unique.  Manuel d’Souza was looking for sapphire in 1967 when he stumbled upon a new gemstone in northeastern Tanzania, East Africa. The natives took him to an area in the region of the Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro and he found precious blue stones originally believed to be sapphire. When he realized they weren’t, he started mining.

Soon Tanzanite started to become the focus in America and Europe. In 1970, Tiffany and Co. began a marketing campaign to introduce it to the public. Henry Platt of Tiffanys named the stone tanzanite. The secret to tanzanite’s mesmerizing color is trichoism: crystals of tanzanite are three different colors from different directions. This means that blue and purple dance together in the depths of the gem as it moves and catches the light.

This is one of the most successful and exciting discoveries in the field of gemstones in a century. The original stones are over 500 million years old and are the only tanzanite stones that are naturally blue. The Smithsonian Institute has  an impressive tanzanite collection including a 122.7 carat stone.

Topaz, the second and equally impressive December birthstone, actually means “fire” in Sanskrit.  It was given this name because many cultures believed that the sun is responsible for it’s color. Some of the mystical properties that topaz offers are warding off colds, enhancing the breathing process, and help those with insomnia.

The most famous topaz is a colorless topaz that was thought to be a diamond. It is a 1680 carat stone known as the “Braganza Diamond” set in Portuguese Crown Jewels.

Blue topaz, however, is the most common color variety and is also used as December’s second birthstone. Gemvara’s blue topaz has a bright and lively color that looks gorgeous set in every metal. We also offer a second shade of blue topaz, a London Blue Topaz that has a darker more intense shade of blue.

Which stone do you prefer?


5 December

Debut Offer #4: Knotted Vines Earrings

For one week only, take 25% off the Knotted Vines Earrings in your choice of gem and metal. These earrings create a matching set with the Knotted Vines Ring, our first Debut Offer.

*Offer not valid with white center diamonds. Offer expires 12/11/2012 at midnight PST. Offer cannot be combined with Give a Free Gift program. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress. Shown above in Blue Topaz and Silver, Now $17, Reg $239; Amethyst and Yellow Gold, Now $398, Reg $530; Black Onyx and Rose Gold, Now $396, Reg $528.

28 November

Debut Offer #3: Infinity Petite Pave Symbol Pendant

Another week, another great offer! Buy yourself or someone special the Infinity Petite Pave Symbol Pendant. From today until December 5th, this pendant will be 25% off the original price in the gem and metal of your choice.

*Offer not valid of center stone diamonds. Offer expires 12/5/2012 at Midnight PST. Offer can not be combined. Not applicable to previous orders or orders in progress. Shown above in Diamond and White Gold, Now $449, Reg $609; London Blue Topaz and Yellow Gold, Now $399, Reg $539; Rhodolite Garent and Sterling Silver, Now $229, Reg $309.



23 November

Black Friday Sale – 15% off our Holiday Gift Guide!

Take 15% off our Holiday Gift Guide with the gorgeous pieces we’ve been talking about all week!

22 November

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