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16 May

Dare to DIY: Jewelry Holders

Ever find yourself struggling to untangle your favorite necklace from its matching bracelet, a pair of dangly earrings or a random hair accessory? Well struggle no more! With these amazing DIY jewelry holders, your favorite baubles will be beautifully organized. Plus, they’re all so cool, you’ll love showing them off as part of your overall room decor.

The details:

1.Mr. Kate brings us this adorable framed lace jewelry display that’s perfect for the girly girl in you.

2. This bright red beauty is inspired by a piece from Pottery Barn and can be yours for around $4, according to Cat on a Limb!

3. This one comes with a great title- “Dew” It Yourself Jewelry Stand and is made out of Mountain Dew bottles. How cool is that?

4. Any wine lovers out there? If so, this Frame Wine Cork Jewelry Display, also from Mr. Kate, is the perfect excuse to open up another bottle of merlot. It’s for DIY purposes, i.e. the greater good, right?

Which DIY will you choose?

15 May

Gemerous Dog Accessories

Sources: 1,2,3,4.

The gemerous gal likes to surround her pooch in luxury and style. Whether it’s with a cute collar, a luxurious bed or a hand knit sweater, the dogs we love deserve to be pampered. There are tons of cute options out there, so pick something that suits your pup’s personality. Maybe she likes pink sparkles, or maybe she’s more of a bandana kind of dog, either way, you’re bound to find an option that fits both your styles.

Do you help your pet accessorize?

14 May

3 Ways to Wear Statement Earrings

Make a statement…with your ears! There are tons of different statement earrings out there, but I’ll break it down into three of my favorite types: nature inspired, super studs and neon brights.

Nature Inspired: Do you enjoy all things outdoors? If so, definitely look for nature inspired earrings. Make a statement in seemingly simple leaves (1), floral beauties (2) and bold feathers(3).

Super Studs: Not much of a dangly earring kind of gal? Have no fear, super studs are here! Feel free to think outside the typical stud-earring box and go for shapes like square (4,6) or oblong (5). Oh, and make sure to have a little fun with color as well.

Neon Brights: Love being the center of attention? If so, neon earrings will make you the talk of the town…in a good way!  Go for hoops (7) , multi-strand chain danglers (8) and neon-accented sparklers(9).

Now the only question is, what will you pair them with?

9 May

Dare to DIY: Chevron

Chevron is most definitely this season’s “it” pattern, so why not incorporate it into some fun DIYs like the ones above?


1. Chevron shoes? Yes please! I’d love to try this DIY with some fun, neon colors.

2. Nail art is a great way to express your personal style and this Chevron Nail DIY from Fab Fatale looks awesome.

3. Looking for just a hint of chevron? Try this DIY chevron necklace, which can be customized by painting with your favorite shade of nail polish.

4. Chevron prints aren’t just popping up in fashion, they’re also making their way into home decor. Add a little chevron to your pad with this DIY chevron wall art.

So go ahead, try one of these fabulous DIYs- we dare you!

8 May

Gemerous Nails

Take your mani to the next level with these three fun and oh-so-gemerous looks!

Caviar Cravings– the caviar mani has been extremely popular and differs from the typical manicure by adding texture. Unfortunately, the popular brand ciaté is constantly sold out. I don’t recommend DIYing this trend (check out the disastrous results from She Finds), so until the caviar nail kits get restocked, you can check out this video how-to (photo source).

Dipped in Glitter- I touched on this trend in my inaugural Gemvara post (How to: Create the Perfect, Long Lasting Manicure) and feel that it’s truly gemerous. For an update on the typical french manicure, why not dip your tips in glitter? It’s like the (sparkly) icing on the cake (photo source).

Sparkle Statement– I’m all about making a statement, which is why I love this look. Keep four nails neutral (in design, not necessarily in color!) and jazz up the fifth with glitter- it’s simply gemerous (photo source)!

Which gemerous nail trend will you try?

7 May

How to Wear it: High/Low Hems

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6.

High/low hems (sometimes called mullet hems) are a fun trend that can be worn in various ways. When executed correctly, a high/low hem can be worn at the office, on a date or in a casual setting.

At the Office: Pair a high/low top (like #4) with a high waisted pencil skirt or  pants, just make sure that your midriff isn’t showing. A high/low blouse is a great way to expose fun details on the top of your pants or skirt. Some other fun options are a high/low dress (like #2) or skirt (like #5), as long as the “low” part doesn’t expose too much leg. You can figure out how much skin is too much skin based on your office’s culture, what others wear and your own comfort level.  In most cases, I’d recommend keeping your hem at or below the knee.

For a Date: Opt for a fun colored dress (like #3) and pair it with some fabulous strappy sandals (for a fancy to-do) or a pair of flat, greek inspired sandals (for a more casual date). Experiment with different sized jewelry to create tons of different looks, and maybe throw on a light cardigan in case it gets cold.

For a Casual Look: Whether you’re spending the day drinking lemonade by the pool or running errands, you’ll want to be comfortable and cute. Find a lightweight high/low t-shirt (like #1) that can be paired with cropped pants or shorts. Looking for something super comfy? Pieces like #6 are the sweatpants of high/low skirts and look great with a colorful tank or t-shirt.

How will you try the high/low trend?

1 May

Gemerous Back Details

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5.

Very often we find ourselves focusing all of our attentions on the front of an outfit, all the while neglecting the back. These gorgeously gemerous dresses all place a large focus on elaborate back detailing such as beading, cut outs and gems. Think of these dresses as the (much classier) mullet of clothing: business in the front, gemerous party in the back!

Just remember if you’re wearing a dress with an elaborate cut-out design in the sun, you may come home with quite the unusual tan line!

What type of gemerous back detailing is your favorite?

30 April

How to Wear it: Feminine Sheers

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Sheers are everywhere this season and they’re the perfect feminine texture to add to your wardrobe. Look for flowy maxi dresses, see-through blouses (to wear over a tank or bandeau) and unique high/low skirts (double trend alert!).

For a less dramatic take on the trend, try a classic black dress with sheer puff sleeves, like this beauty from ModCloth. Spice up an office look with a twist on the classic oxford in a white/cream color, like this piece from Gap.

How will you wear this season’s feminine sheers?

25 April

Dare to DIY: Spring Scarves

With all of the strange weather we’ve been having, it’s hard to figure out how to dress appropriately for spring- one day it’s 40º and the next it’s 70º! The solution for the ever-changing weather? A spring scarf! Lightweight enough for warmer days, a spring scarf adds another layer of protection in case it gets windy or the temperature drops.

Here are a few favorites:

1. This braided scarf tutorial lets you incorporate two of your favorite colors into one amazing piece.

2. Based off of a piece from Anthropologie, this ruffled scarf is super cute and very affordable to create.

3. This braided beauty has special lace detailing on the back and adds various textures to your outfit.

4. While this scarf necklace may not keep you warm, it’ll definitely get you noticed.

So go ahead, try one of these fabulous DIYs- we dare you!

24 April

Gemerous Beauty

Sources (clockwise from left): 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Gemerous gals like to feel primped and pretty, whether it’s with a luscious scent or a glittery nail lacquer. The finds above are a mix of sparkle and true class. The red lipstick is Givenchy, a brand I always associate with Audrey Hepburn, as he dressed her on many occasions and even created a perfume inspired by her. The perfume, Miss Dior Cherie, makes me think of Paris (probably due to this beautiful Sofia Coppola spot).

What beauty products make you feel gemerous?

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