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Gemvara Blog » March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in Featured, Gems | No Comments

There is a certain amount of jealousy towards March babies and their coveted gemstone, aquamarine, and it is no surprise.  The gem is an exceptional stone with a delicate, water-like blue hue and is most often free from inclusions, leaving nothing but perfect clarity that radiates even under the softest light.  That quality alone has made aquamarine one of the most sought-after stones at Gemvara.

But perhaps the most alluring characteristic of the stone is the lore behind its pristine hue.  Derived from the Latin word for “seawater,” aquamarine has been part of the tradition of the sea for thousands of years.  In his book Gemstones, Edward Gübelin poetically notes that the stone was thought to ensure seafarers a safe return home, and “round the ship of marital fortune, it weaves ribbons of faithfulness.  The aquamarine is the gemstone of all young people and all those who have remained young at heart.”

With a captivation of aquamarine and a dream of warmer climates, we were inspired to create pieces evoking crystal-clear water, glittering waves and all things sea and sun.  Just a few happy (and tropical?) thoughts to get us through the end of winter.


Paradise at Sea: The Quintessence Ring, in emerald, sapphire and aquamarine was inspired by the pop of green from the palm tree and the mix of the light blue sea and deep blue sky.



Crashing Waves:You can almost hear the sound of crashing waves on a perfect summer day with the Ariadne Band customized in aquamarine and a sunny yellow gold.



Relaxation on the Beach:  Taking in the scenic view while sitting on a pristine white beach chair sounds perfect right now and the Matilda Ring in aquamarine, sapphire and topaz is quite the vista as well.


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