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Gemvara Blog » How to Wear: Citrine

How to Wear: Citrine

Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Blog, Eclectic Fashion | No Comments

Just because it is dreary outside, doesn’t mean your jewelry needs to be! Try out wearing November’s birthstone to add some warm color to your look.

But citrine is a tricky shade. It can clash with your look or it can bring it to the next level. We’ve created an easy go to list of do’s and don’ts for anyone looking for some help!


1) Go Dark! A sunset like hue always looks great with blue. Feel free to utilize all your shades of blue from jeans to blazers. A deep brown also works perfectly.

2) Contrast with silver – using a silver metal makes citrine pop! For an outfit, grey slacks or a grey parka makes the gemstone shine.


1) Go buggy. Black and citrine is always going to remind people of a pesky little bee. Stay away from resembling an insect!

2) Match. Don’t take your citrine piece and match with citrine clothes. Change it up.

Here are some great ways to customize our jewelry with citrine.

The Castle Keep Earrings in white gold with a oval citrine stone are inspired by the battlements of medieval castles. Put them on and feel like royalty.

Add style and meaning with the Infinity Knot Pendant necklace in rose gold and our November birthstone, citrine.

Citrine becomes spectacular with the Cecilia Ring. A cushion cut gemstone, diamonds around the band, and yellow gold creates a gorgeous piece.

How would you wear citrine?

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