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Unique Wedding Bands

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Blog, Gem Trends | No Comments

Today, the engagement ring and wedding bands can have completely different points of view.  Not only can your wedding band be unique and different, at Gemvara it can be any metal with any gemstone you’d like. The biggest trend right now is individuality. Be yourself when picking out your wedding band as you’ll have it forever! Your band is a reflection of you and your bond with your significant other.

The Zoe Band is a classic, simple band but with distinct gemstone and metal choices this transforms into a band that is individually yours. Styled in trendy rose gold with red garnet and green tourmaline, the Zoe Band’s gemstones sparkle around the entire band.

Distinguish your wedding band with the Balcony Band. Customized with white gold and yellow sapphire, this band is inspired by the wrought iron balconies of the French Quarter of New Orleans. With this intricate design, this wedding band stands out.

Popular but personal, the Brilliant Alhambra Band has the endless Celtic knot motif with five beautiful gemstones. This band was styled in yellow gold and green tourmaline (October’s birthstone!) and is an irreplaceable wedding band.

With this unique wedding band trend, women have been opting to wear their wedding band and engagement on seperate hands. With the above three unique styles, why wouldn’t you want to show your band off separately? Would you follow this trend?


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