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Gem Class: Rose Gold

Posted by on Sep 23, 2012 in Blog, Gem Class | No Comments

Rose Gold is all the trend these days from necklaces to earrings. Let’s learn about Rose Gold! First of all, where does it come from? All gold colors come from the original golden yellow as it is found in nature. To make different colors of gold you mixed pure 24 karat yellow gold with different percentages of other metals such as copper, silver, zinc, and nickel. Different combinations provide us with gold “alloys”! All these colors are genuine gold. For rose gold, one mixes yellow gold with a percentage of copper.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century in Russia, rose gold began to spread. It was initial then known as Russian Gold. It gained its name from the beautiful rosy color it possesses. It became initial popular in the United States during the 1920s when Cartier introduced the Trinity, a ring made of yellow, rose, and white gold bands. Recently rose gold has made a huge comeback!

Rose gold gleams and stands out against your skin tone and shows off your favorite gemstones.

This version Triple Rolling Ring is made of two 14K rose gold bands and one sterling silver band with aquamarine gemstones. These rings are joined together but also operate on their own orbits.

Initial Disc “G” Charm Pendant with Gem in rose gold engraved with a “G” and studded with the alexandrite gemstone. The Rose Gold has the brushed surface of the substantial nickel-sized disc.

Add some bling to your ears with the Birds of Feather earrings in rose gold with amethyst. These earrings have a great feather shape and catch the light beautifully.



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