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Gemvara Blog » His and Her Bands: Create the perfect couple

His and Her Bands: Create the perfect couple

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Blog, Featured, Gems | No Comments

Matching Wedding bands

You have already got your engagement ring but don’t forget the next step! We’ve gone above and beyond to make buying your matching wedding bands quick…and beautiful. These rings, while stunning alone, really come together to make the perfect pairs.

The Brilliant Alhambra Band and the Alhambra Knot Band make a seamless duo. With their similar Celtic knot motif and five shining sapphire gemstones, these bands are a striking way to unite your love.

Two pathways unite with the woman and men’s Two Roads Ring. The rose gold metal shines in this simple but symbolic union. These bands easily can be worn without your engagement ring.

The Classic Comfort Fit Band and the Rich & Thin Band are a classic take on a wedding band pairing. The Rich & Thin band sparkles stunningly while the Classic Comfort Fit Band is comfortable for your man.

Do you think the wedding band should always match the engagement ring or should it stand alone?

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