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Gemvara Blog » Customer Creations: Blue Hues

Customer Creations: Blue Hues

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Blog, Gem Trends | No Comments

gemvara cuatomer creations

This week our customers are feeling truly inspired by blue! There are so many different blue colored gemstones – the options are endless! They are a refreshing ode to the crashing ocean waves and the clear blue sky of a summer day spent on the beach.

To grab the most sparkle, the Brilliant Triple Rolling Ring is your pick (and a great customer creation). An astounding 129 gemstones (in iolite and blue topaz) wrap around your finger with this ring, a true show stopper.

Nothing pairs better then rose gold and blue sapphire. The simple Polka Dot Ring is great stacked or left alone. Also as sapphire is September’s birthstone, it is a great present for any birthdays coming up!

Add something sweet to your day with the Star Flower Pendant. This customer will be sporting a pendant in sterling silver with sapphire, emulating the beautiful flowers that bloom in the summer.

Rings aren’t your thing? This customer created the most perfect earring, the Pear Gem Drop with sterling silver and blue topaz. Similar to a summer pool, get lost in the reflecting sunlight on this customer’s beautiful choice.

What is your favorite blue gemstone? What metal would you pair it with?

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