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Trending on Pintrest

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Blog, Featured, Gem Trends | No Comments

There is a reason that a man’s classic tuxedo is black and white. There is a reason that nothing can stand in the way of an elegant white gown or elbow high satin black glove. The combination of black and white is a known classic trend and one that our Pintrest followers follow enthusiastically. This week on Pintrest we saw many different variations of black and white from black diamond and diamond, to black onyx and white sapphire.

With Gemvara’s nine different options for metals, the look of the piece can change dramatically without changing the gemstones. Switch it up and add a gorgeous rose gold, as seen in the Eclipse Necklace, and make the different colored diamonds pop.

With the simple gemstones in the Labyrinth Ring, the yellow gold metal truly pops. The complicated ring is just accented by the black and white gemstones. Go for the classic duo with sterling silver and black onyx with the trending Vine Leaf Studs.

It goes to show, although neon is sometimes trending, you can’t go wrong with the simple and classic look of black and white.

How will you design your next classic piece?

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