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How to Wear: Mixed Metals

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Blog, Gem Trends, How to Wear | No Comments
Mixing Metals with Gemvara


For a long time, mixing jewelry metals was a fashion faux paux, but lately, it has been up for debate and the traditional side is losing.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals as long as you keep a few basic things in mind:

  • Keep the gemstones simple and/or matching.  In this set, we used all white sapphire gems to make sure that the pieces were not overwhelmed with color, and also to make the white and yellow gold stand out.
  • Use a bridge piece.  When mixing metals, try incorporating a piece that naturally has two tones of metal in it to tie the other pieces of jewelry together.  In this example, we used the Organic Stacking Ring set which has two white gold rings and one yellow gold ring in between as well as the Initial “M” Key which is primarily yellow gold except for the “M” in white gold.  This makes it easier to wear an all white gold or yellow gold piece such as these Margarita Earrings or if you have a single-colored piece that you always wear.
  • Keep an overall theme for the jewelry, so the mixing looks deliberate.  Stick to one general concept for the jewelry, such as vintage, contemporary, or traditional.  This set leans towards more traditional, delicate jewelry since the outfit it is with is much more outstanding.  The elegance of the jewelry balances the edginess of the bustier top and dramatic high-low skirt.  The accessories and makeup also balance out the skirt and top by keeping plain and neutral with peachy pink makeup.

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