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Gemvara Blog » Ruby Tuesday: Zuckerberg’s Secret Ruby Wedding

Ruby Tuesday: Zuckerberg’s Secret Ruby Wedding

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Blog, Celebrity Sparkle | No Comments

Mark Zuckerberg Wedding

While most of us thought that last Friday would be the highlight of Mark Zuckerberg’s week, Saturday proved to trump Friday’s festivities as he married his long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in an intimate ceremony in his back yard. Our favorite part: he strayed from the traditional diamond and put a Ruby ring on her finger.

Ruby’s have long been second in the running for engagement ring fashion (remember Princess Fergie’s Ruby engagement ring?), and due to Saturday’s nuptials we are hoping to see a resurgence in the trend. Due to their rich red hue, they symbolize passion, romance, and happiness – making them a perfect engagement ring stone.

Here at Gemvara, we love to see some color in a sea of diamond engagement rings and so are dedicating this rainy Tuesday to the Ruby!

Alyssa Ring Gemvara

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