Dare to DIY: Fashionable Camera Accessories

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Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply like taking pictures of your family and friends, there’s no reason to sacrifice fashion for function. Check out these stylish DIYs to add a little flair to your photo gear:

1. DIY Camera Purse/Bag- buying a fashionable camera bag can be tough, but this DIY turns your favorite purse into one in just a few steps!

2. Silk Scarf Strap- leave it to the amazingly creative people behind photo JoJo to come up with a tutorial for reworking a favorite accessory.

3. Ruched Camera Strap Slip Cover- because sometimes you can’t choose just one pattern, this project lets you create multiple removable covers for your camera strap.

4. Painted Camera Strap- this simple DIY is fast (45 minutes!) and requires minimal sewing-definitely a win in my book.

So go ahead, try one of these fabulous DIYs- we dare you!

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