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Gemvara Blog » Inspired by Daffodils: Eat, Wear, Shine

Inspired by Daffodils: Eat, Wear, Shine

This post is part of a guest blogger series featuring Alana Brooks of The Good Girl Gone Blog.

Where I come from (Baltimore, to be exact) daffodils are a sign of Spring, no matter what month they choose to bloom. Daffodils are signs of happiness, sunshine and the warm months to come. Though it may still be February, the daffodils have begun to poke through the soil, evoking a need for springtime in all of us. Though Spring does not officially begin for a few more weeks, the touch of warmer temperatures guides us slowly away from a dreary February and into what will hopefully be a brighter March. Until then, here is a little daffodil inspired fun to help you make it through the colder days.

Image Sources (above): 1,2,3.

eat wear shine

Eat: Lemon Gelato Wear: A Striped Dress Shine: Rich and Thin Eternity Band

For more daffodil inspired fun, check out my daffodils pin board.

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