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Old Is New Again

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in Featured, Gem Trends | No Comments

They say that in life what goes around comes around. This statement could not hold more truth than it does when applied to fashion.

As of late, a new trend seems to lie in the fact that old is new again. Antique-inspired items are showing up everywhere from home décor, to clothing, and especially in jewelry. We are probably all guilty of raiding Grandma’s jewelry box to play dress up with her fabulous cocktail rings, but now we covet those authentic rings more than the newest designer bag at the mall.

Luckily (especially for those who don’t have a sartorially-inclined Granny) jewelers are recreating these vintage pieces left and right. The best part about this is that you can basically choose – or design — the vintage style you want.

We like pieces with classic, bold colors that have intricate designs and glittering accents. It also doesn’t hurt that each piece has a sense of romantic nostalgia attached to it.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and the cast of Mad Men have been seen wearing vintage styles recently. Kate Moss even has a vintage-inspired engagement ring.

The fact that vintage is so popular also gives us an extra incentive to take care of the jewels we already own. After all, wouldn’t you want your granddaughter to be asking for your style advice one day?

How do you feel about the move toward vintage? How many of you already wear pieces with old, sentimental value?

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