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Creative Christmas Proposals

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 in Brides Guide, Featured, Guy's Guide | No Comments

Christmas is not only the most wonderful time of the year, it is also one of the best times to get engaged. Think about it – everyone is in good spirits, friends and family abound, and the beautiful holiday decorations make for a charming backdrop.

If you are thinking of getting engaged this holiday here are five creative proposal ideas to make your day even more magical.

  • If the two of you usually trim your tree together, sneakily hang the ring like an ornament and draw her attention to it. You could also hand her an ornament with the ring attached to it. (Bonus points for this one since the ornament will now hold a special meaning). Tree already trimmed? Remove all the ornaments except for the ring. This would be a sight to see on Christmas morning!
  • Wrap the tiny ring box in lots of larger boxes. Make her work to find the gem inside!
  • Do you use an advent calendar? Depending on the style of your calendar, replace one of the days with the ring. (But be certain she’s the one who finds it!)
  • Attach the ring to a candy cane with a bow. It’s double the holiday sweetness.
  • Wrap the ring in a larger box and put it under the tree. Then place a lot of other presents under the tree, but leave the boxes empty. On Christmas morning (or whenever you open gifts) explain to her that she must search for that “special” box. It’s quite involved, but the excitement and the pay-off will make for a marvelous moment.

Happy Holidays!

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