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Gemvara Blog » {Guest Post} Are You Warm or Cool?

{Guest Post} Are You Warm or Cool?

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Featured, Gem Trends | 3 Comments

Yelena, from AllGlamThings, stops by to give our readers some guidance on finding their best colors:

Did you know that the right colors can change you appearance dramatically? You can look younger, fresher, slimmer, and more naturally beautiful. That’s a fact! Look at the beautiful Audrina Patridge in two different color palettes:

I believe that in person everything should be beautiful and harmonized. That’s why it’s important to know your best colors. Do you know if your skin is warm or cool? Well, most people don’t, but it’s actually pretty easy to figure out!

Warm colors are colors of sun and fire: red, yellow, and orange. Cool colors are blue, green, and violet. When you look at the color of your eyes, hair, and skin you can intuitively feel whether you are warm or cool. However, metallics can help you figure out your skin tone temperature easily. Warm skin tones look best in gold jewelry, while cool types shimmer in silver.

Do a little test — buy foil wrapping paper in gold and silver, then hold a piece of each below your face. Which color makes you glow? Which one makes you skin look pale or sick? If you respond to cool, chances are you skin has more blue undertones and burns easily. Your best colors are blue, grey, and soft feminine tones. In jewelry I would suggest these gorgeous Rose de France 14K White Gold Earrings.

If warm colors give you that glow, then rich, earthy colors works great on you.  I like this stunning and delicious Checkerboard Citrine 14K Yellow Gold Ring for warm skin types.

If you are not getting a reading then you are a balanced season (between warm and cool). This skin type is quite flexible. When you’re not sure about what color to choose, pick a hue that brings out your eyes. Or why not mix few hues? Try this piece — Lemon Quartz 14K Yellow Gold Earrings with London Blue Topaz.

If you want to learn more about finding your best colors then make sure to check out my weekly posts on or order your personal e-color analysis.


Yelena Starikova is an Image Consultant and Editor at — a website where you can find fashion advice, color inspiration, and personal thoughts on being 20-something and glamorous.


  1. Jenny
    November 15, 2011

    Yalena, I totally agree. Reality personality Audrina Patridge looked so much better at the premiere of her movie “Into the Blue” in the blue dress and lighter makeup. Her appearance for MTV in Australia in the dark, almost goth makeup made her look old. But so did the whole outfit. Super high neckline, shapeless fit, has been Audrina’s norm this year. Post reduction Audrina appears shapeless with no signature cleavage constantly now. She doesn’t have to look old before her time. The fix is easy. There’s a bra for that! She can use all the lift and support she can get now.

  2. Marionberry Style
    November 16, 2011

    Yelena has the best advice! Color is so often chosen without considering skin tone, and as seen with the Audrina pictures, it makes such a huge difference.
    I adore the pieces she has shown here…great examples for warm vs. cool coloring! The Naked Cushion Ring is definitely being added to my “wish list” :-)

    XO – Marion

  3. Yelena
    November 16, 2011

    Thank You ladies for the warm welcoming!) And you are absolutely right, color is everything. And to me its amazing to see such a Beautiful girl such as Audrina not looking her best. So next time you wear something , think ahead. Is this color enhance my natural beauty or just makes me look stupid!)

    Warm Regards,

    P.S. BTW, this pieces from Gemvara are my Favorites. On my “wish list” for sure!)

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