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Fall Fashion Necklace Revival

Posted by on Nov 1, 2011 in Featured, Gem Trends, Jewelry Stories | 2 Comments

This past Saturday, I was on a mission to refresh my jewelry collection. After passively shopping the brownstone boutiques on Newbury Street without finding any inspiration, I decided to take action. This fall, rather than add to my necklace collection, I’m revamping it instead.

Here is my call-to-arms: Four action verbs that motivated my necklace revival.


Layer multiple necklaces and wear them all together.  Choose different length chains with different sized pendants, or try plain chains accented with a strand necklace or colorful pendant. Try layering necklaces over flowing tops or dresses for a carefree look that moves with you.

Stack two or three pendants on a single chain. Larger, chunkier pendants can go on a longer chain, while you should let smaller, charm-size pendants fall on your breastbone. Take it one step further and experiment with mixing metal types and pendant shapes. This look is totally sweet, yet subtle enough if you have a stricter office dress code.


Rings aren’t just for fingers anymore. They look great on a chain too. Stack a few thinner rings together or pick one funky ring. Choose a chain that will help the ring-lace stand out: keep the ring(s) on a textured chain that falls an inch below the top of your shoulders. Now that you’ve freed up your fingers, free up your soul. Compliment this rule-bending look with leather and a rock-n-roll attitude.


Wrap a long necklace around your neck a few times. Wrap it two or three times so that it covers your neck to your breastbone, or wrap it more so it becomes a tight choker. Pair either option with an up-do and a back-less top. This is definitely a look to wear out; it draws attention to your features and to your sophistication.
Take action, ladies! Revive your necklaces!


  1. PC
    November 2, 2011

    I love the idea of layering…good call….even for guys!

  2. amanda
    November 9, 2011

    I love the idea of wrap and layering, they look sophisticated, artistic, and contemporary. A real fashion trend this days! :)a

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