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5 Ways To Treat Yourself

Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 in Gem Trends | One Comment

It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of the holiday season. From shopping, to cooking, cleaning, and entertaining all your relatives (that alone can send someone into a tailspin), sometimes the season rushes by so quickly you don’t even have time to blink, let alone enjoy yourself. However, we want to make this festive time easy and fun for you. So along with making your holiday shopping easy online, here are some other ways to treat yourself during the holidays.

Just Say “Yes” To Desserts:

There’s no use trying to fight it. Desserts are all around us during the holidays and it’s no fun to not participate in their sweet deliciousness. We’ve rounded up three of our favorites for you to try. Come on, indulge a little! You deserve it.

(Click on each recipe to enlarge and print)

Get Crafty:

Although it may be more convenient to run down to the nearest mall and pick out all your holiday decorations in one fell swoop, we think that adding a special, personalized touch is a great way to make you and your guests feel special. Not to mention, all those compliments you’ll receive on your hard work are sure to put a smile on your face. Try these creative DIY tips for a knockout thanksgiving centerpiece or this amazing tutorial on a Christmas tree ornament mobile.

Drink Up:

Sometimes you just need a little something to take the edge off. Here are a few of our favorite cocktail recipes. They are simple enough to make for yourself, but also festive for company. The Amethyst Haze is a winner around the office (can you guess why?) and the Apple Pie Spiced Cider can be made without alcohol so it is great for any kids at your holiday table.

Turn on the Tunes:

Listening to your favorite music is a sure-fire way to feel better during holiday chaos. Here is a playlist of our favorite holiday songs (and a few silly ones, too). Play it while cooking up some goodness in the kitchen or shopping online for some sparkle to make for a wonderful afternoon.

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Laugh a Little:

Last, but certainly not least, spend time doing things that you love. Laugh with your friends, reminisce with your family, but most importantly, don’t forget to breathe. Holidays are ultimately a time of joy and thanks for everything that we have. So take it all in this season, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Recipes via Cupcakes and Cashmere, Joy of Baking, Real Simple.

1 Comment

  1. mvs
    November 9, 2011

    LOVING the playlist! I’d usually say its a little early for holiday music, but I’ve been listening to this all day!

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