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Gemvara Blog » Ten Years of Grand Gifts

Ten Years of Grand Gifts

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in Guy's Guide | One Comment

If you make it ten years into a marriage, you truly have something to celebrate! Commemorate each year with a different piece of gemstone jewelry and depending if you’re the giver or the receiver, you’ll build up either an arsenal of gift-giving ideas or quite the jewelry wardrobe. 

Year One: The Greatness of Gold

The first anniversary gem isn’t a gem, but a classic choice of jewelry, yellow gold. Coveted throughout time, yellow gold jewelry has been regarded as a symbol of love; no wonder it’s an apt gift for this important milestone. Join the gold circle and consider renewing your love with a pretty gold Forget Me Knot Ring.

Year Two: Gorgeous Garnet

Treasured for thousands of years, the luscious gem representing the sophomore year of marriage is the garnet. Available in crimson-red garnet and raspberry-colored, rhodolite garnet, this gem looks wonderful in heart-shaped jewelry like the Spark My Heart Ring.

Year Three: Pick Your Pearls

Pearls give off a celestial glow for your third-year anniversary, and have been associated with the moon in many cultures. Stand out in Tahitian pearl, peach pearl, golden South Sea pearl, pink pearl, lavender pearl, or classic white pearl jewelry. Go for a modern twist on tried-and-true pearl earrings in lavender pearl drops suspended by swirls of sterling silver.

Year Four: Beloved Blue Topaz

As you approach year four, you may wonder what kind of anniversary gift is appropriate; it hasn’t quite been five years, nor are you still newlyweds. Blue topaz is quickly becoming a popular stand-in for more expensive aquamarine and sapphire jewelry. Blue topaz rings, like the Melissa Ring, pack a colorful punch.

Year Five: Sweet Sapphire

When we hear the word “sapphire”, we often think of blue, as in “true blue”, because the sapphire has a longstanding association with devotion and fidelity. Blue sapphire has long been favored by royalty, but sapphire comes in several different colors, like pink, yellow, and white. Love blue? Aspire to royalty in the Princess Kate Ring.

Year Six: Be Admired in Amethyst

Amethyst is the sixth-year anniversary gem and the gem of sobriety and peace. By year six, wear this lovely purple gem as a fantastic reminder to take everything slowly and reflect on life and love. However, this association doesn’t mean that wearing amethyst jewelry can’t be a celebration, like this amethyst Lotus Ring!

Year Seven: Opulent Onyx

Black as night, onyx jewelry works both at the office or for a black-tie event. Not only is onyx a chic gem, but it was once believed to help build confidence and protect its wearer against negativity. Show your elegantly darker side with a round onyx center gem set in the ornate Winter Palace Ring.

Year Eight: Tantalize in Tourmaline

Tourmaline is October’s birthstone in addition to the eighth-year anniversary gemstone. Gemvara offers several designs set with either pink tourmaline or green tourmaline. (Some customers even order both set in the same design!) Tourmaline is thought to inspire creativity and strengthen the nervous system. Get fabulous and rejoice your good health in a pair of pink tourmaline hoops!

Year Nine: Lovely Lapis

The opaque, deep blue hue of lapis lazuli is the ninth-year anniversary gemstone. It can occur in shades of light denim or intense cobalt, and can contain threads of pyrite (fool’s gold), sodalite, or white calcite. Lapis is among the most wanted of the opaque, semi-precious gemstones, and looks great in rings and drop earrings.

Year Ten: Definitely Diamonds

Diamonds are the tenth-year anniversary gemstone and the hardest natural substance on Earth. The Romans believed that diamonds fell from the stars, while the Greeks thought they were tears from the gods. Women love both white diamond and black diamond jewelry. Either way, there’s no denying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, offering courage, strength, and the ever-popular bling factor. Jazz up your diamonds by mixing them with another gem for brilliant color and radiance, as shown here in the Sea Spray Band.

Still feeling stumped? Take a look at other popular anniversary jewelry gifts!

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