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Gemvara Blog » A Guy’s Guide to Anniversary Gifts

A Guy’s Guide to Anniversary Gifts

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Featured, Guy's Guide | One Comment

Buying your wife an anniversary gift doesn’t have to be a painful process. Of course, if you’ve never done it before, it can feel worrisome. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to walk the mall for hours, deal with store employees who would rather be elsewhere, and waste a ton of time. Besides, there’s no doubt your wife will be happy to get something other than flowers, which die within days. Read on for a few easy suggestions to wow and keep her happy. (We all know how important that is!)

Go for the Gold

The gold standard is a standard for a reason. Long ago, someone started a trend when he or she declared that the traditional first anniversary gift was yellow gold, a classic. This Love Notes gold necklace features an “awww”-inducing envelope that opens to reveal a tiny “note” on which you can engrave a special message. Engrave “Forever Yours” or something equally mushy and put it in the envelope. Be forewarned however; your male friends and family members just might get mad at you for showing them how great gift-giving is really done!

A Whiter Shade of Pale

While we can’t argue that gold is a fantastic choice, it’s not the only one out there. Take a close look at what your wife usually wears. Does she prefer white metals like white gold, sterling silver, palladium, and platinum? Many women wear some kind of white gold jewelry every day. If your wife is fashion-forward and loves interesting designs, she’ll adore these rock crystal and white gold earrings.


A Rosy Disposition

It could be that she’s even more unique and really loves rose gold, a metal that is often in short supply in local, brick and mortar jewelry stores. Gemvara offers a vast range of rose gold rings, earrings, and pendants, like the one here, which can be customized to showcase both of your birthstones.



Jewels Worthy of Royalty

Is your lady ultra-glamorous? You don’t have to have a palace-sized fortune to buy royal jewels. Unless your wife somehow doesn’t know who Kate Middleton is (in which case, you’re not likely reading this), she might love a royal pair of earrings just like these white gold and diamond stunners Kate wore on her wedding day.



Keys, Please

Still stumped? Several celebrities have been photographed wearing key necklaces in movies, on TV, and in their personal lives. These cool keys pendants are just as fashionable among your wife’s friends as they are onscreen. Don’t have a ton of cash? Treat your leading lady to a sterling silver key personalized with her initial dotted with her favorite gem or birthstone.


Classics: Hoops and Rings

Finally, want something really easy? Start a tradition by giving her one stackable ring like the cute Band of Hearts Ring for the next five years! It’s guaranteed to be her favorite tradition ever, and in her eyes, you’ll stand on a pedestal above everyone else. If she’s more into earrings, I don’t know one woman who doesn’t love hoop earrings. But keep in mind that if you’re buying an anniversary present, the hoops should be far more special than the regular silver hoops she probably wears three days a week. Go grand and pick up a pair of hoops studded with glittering black and white diamonds.

Good luck and happy anniversary!

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