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Gemvara Blog » Wedding Wednesday: Gemstone Rings

Wedding Wednesday: Gemstone Rings

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Brides Guide, Celebrity Sparkle | No Comments

While we will always love traditional diamonds (what girl doesn’t?), here at Gemvara we can’t resist the individuality and personality of colored gemstones. Each gem means something different and each ring tells its own story. We aren’t alone in our affections either. Here is a round-up of celebrities who celebrated their engagements a bit more colorfully.

The most well-known gemstone engagement ring, of course, is Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s 18-carat blue sapphire ring. Sapphires symbolize trust and loyalty, which make them especially meaningful. They are popular too: Penelope Cruz wears a romantic, three-carat sapphire engagement ring and Jenna Bush has an antique looking three-stone engagement ring with sapphires on the side. Another celebrity with a sapphire ring is Nicole Richie, but her ring is a unique pink sapphire.

Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor are famous for their emerald engagement rings. Both rings were very modern at the time they were received and are a true statement to both women’s iconic style. Emeralds have long symbolized love and rebirth. They are known for their youthful beauty and are the perfect choice for the fashion-forward woman.

A ruby, as seen on Jessica Simpson, is not for the faint of heart. A ruby symbolizes courage and emotion. It holds a fiery passion and represents burning desire. A ruby is the perfect gem to symbolize a deeply passionate love. It’s also July-born Jessica’s birthstone.

Tara Reid was very recently spotted wearing a 12-carat bezel-set, citrine engagement ring. This is a gem you don’t see every day, but its meaning makes it a perfect engagement ring. Citrine symbolizes happiness, joy, and optimism.

Diamonds can be more colorful too. Carmen Electra and TV character Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City both have black diamond engagement rings- an edgy, mysterious gem for the ultimate showstopper. Carrie Underwood got engaged with a five-plus carat, fancy yellow diamond to suit her sweet personality. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez both received pink diamonds upon their engagements. Mariah’s 17-carat ring has an emerald cut, pink diamond surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds with two half-moon diamonds on each side. Jennifer Lopez, who has been married three times, got her six carat pink diamond was from Ben Affleck, and a 8.5 carat blue diamond from Marc Anthony. What color will her next diamond be?

Photo Credit: Allen Berezovsky / PR Photos, Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos, Landmark / PR Photos, Janet Mayer / PR Photos, PRN / PR Photos

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