Get the Look: Kate Middleton's Earrings

Posted by on Apr 29, 2011 in Brides Guide, Celebrity Sparkle | 6 Comments

The dress was divine.  The pageantry unforgettable.  The tiara dazzling.  But the one brilliant detail of Kate Middleton’s day that we all can add to our own lives, married to a prince or not, are her dazzling diamond droplet earrings.  Sparkling even through her veil, dancing and catching the light, her earrings were effortlessly elegant. Although they looked great with a tiara, it doesn’t take much imagination to see them looking just as stunning with a little back dress or even a crisp white shirt.

Kate’s earrings were created by designer Robinson Pelham and feature the oakleaf and acorn motif of Kate’s new family crest. They were a gift from Duchess Catherine’s parents, Carol and Michael Middleton.

If you’ve been coveting Kate’s wedding earrings but don’t have a family crest, this fabulous Gemvara style that dances and catches the light in the same way is just the ticket.  They are dazzling in diamond and platinum. But because it’s Gemvara, you can also customize them in a range of other gemstones and precious metals so that they won’t require a crown-jewels size budget.