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How to Find Her Ring Size

Posted by on Dec 17, 2010 in Brides Guide, Guy's Guide | No Comments

It’s the Cinderella moment she’ll remember forever: the ring slips onto her finger like it was made for her.  When you’re buying the ring, it’s particularly important to get the size right!  Too small, she won’t be able to show off her ring when she tells her friends and family.  Too big, she may lose the ring. Resizing can take weeks and you may even discover that the perfect ring can’t be resized.

Don’t make this mistake! Here are seven crafty ways to figure out her correct ring size.

1. Get a Clue

If you pay attention, you may discover she’s leaving you hints.  She may try on rings at a kiosk in the mall. Look for magazines left open to pages with ring ads. She may have already instructed friends on what she wants and what her size is.  Women are crafty too!

2. Borrow a Ring

If she wears a ring on the ring finger of her right hand, chances are pretty good it’s the same size.  Borrow it and take it to a jeweler to be sized or have friends try it on. But don’t dig into her jewelry box for a ring you’ve never seen her wear: it may not fit or it might fit a different finger.

3. Make an Impression

If you can’t borrow a ring because she wears it almost all the time, you’ll have to be quick.  If she leaves it at the sink or on her dresser, you can press the ring into clay and make an impression.  Or you can trace around the inside of the ring on paper carefully with a sharp pencil. Take that to a jeweler or compare the size to a ring from a friend or sister who might be the same size.

4. Try One On

You can try her ring on your finger and mark how far it comes down on your finger without forcing.  Then try on rings until you find one that is the same size.

5. Take Her Shopping

If normally you’d rather go for a swim in boiling oil than go with her to the mall, this my be a stretch. You’ll need an excuse like your parent’s anniversary or a sister’s birthday.  Ask her to help you pick out a gift and look at some rings (among other things so she doesn’t get too suspicious).  Ask her advice on size and get her to try them on. A trip to a craft fair isn’t a bad idea: she’ll probably look at jewelry and then you can say you like a ring and urge her to try it on .  Try to choose something like a skull ring to put her off the scent.

6. Recruit an Accomplice

Ask one of her friends for help. The friend can ask to try on her ring and will be able to tell you which finger it fit.  If the friend just got engaged, it will be very natural to have her offer her ring to be tried on (She can say she wants to see how it looks on someone else’s hand.)  Or the next time they go shopping, the friend can try on rings and she’ll be sure to follow.

7. Give Up!

A proposal doesn’t have to include the ring to be romantic!  She would probably enjoy ring shopping and finding something that perfectly suits her style.  She’ll get exactly the right ring in the right size and you’ll get all the credit for how perfect it is for the rest of your life.

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