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A Ruby for Jessica

Posted by on Dec 6, 2010 in Brides Guide, Celebrity Sparkle | One Comment

Just last month, Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend, life coach and former NFL player Eric Johnson, announced their engagement after just five months of dating. When asked what she loves most about her fiancee, Simpson replied, “Just the way he makes me feel, honestly. How comfortable I feel being myself with him. I love how confident he is and he’s not fazed by this world and life that I’m living… I can’t imagine my life without him in it.”

Jessica debuted her vintage, 1910 Tiffany ring, purchased from Neil Lane, at a Kansas City Dillard’s department store while promoting her clothing line. The shining scarlet star of her ring is an oval-shaped, five-carat ruby; two pear-cut diamonds on both sides also weigh in around five carats combined. The stones are set in yellow gold, and the ring is reportedly worth $100,000. A similar style, aptly named the Jessica Ring, is available on Gemvara, for about $25,000.

The story of the proposal itself isn’t very romantic: Jessica has told the press that Eric kept her engagement ring tucked safely away in a shoe for weeks before proposing while watching TV. The pair held a massive pizza party and celebrated with 50 friends soon after the announcement. This will be the second marriage for both Jessica and Eric. A wedding date has not yet been set.

Jessica is doubly thrilled with the vintage ruby ring – not only is ruby a romantic choice for an engagement ring, but she was born in July, and so ruby is her birthstone too, making it a personal statement.

Ruby has long been considered the king of all gemstones, symbolizing passion, power, and royalty. In England, rubies were set in coronation rings and even battle helmets to make the wearer invulnerable. In Ayurveda, rubies are believed to help to prevent miscarriages, fortify the heart, and restore balance in relationships. In more modern times, rubies represent undying love and passion – the perfect way to start a marriage.

Colored gemstones are becoming more popular  as engagement rings as a new generation looks for a ring that expresses their own unique personalities. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, received a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew. And of course, Kate Middleton’s ring famously sports an enormous cobalt-blue sapphire. Would you opt for a colored engagement ring if you had a choice in the matter?

You don’t need to spend a hundred grand to get Jessica’s look: Gemvara sells a much more affordable option, though no less lovely. The 1.6 carat, oval-cut ruby shown here, flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds, each just over half a carat and set in yellow gold, is a very similar style.

1 Comment

  1. Angel Cameo
    January 4, 2011

    What a beautiful ring. I always favored Rubies, the rich red color reminds me of powerful love and passion.

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