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Audrey Hepburn: Get the Look

Posted by on Aug 27, 2010 in Celebrity Sparkle, Gem Trends | No Comments

Known for her elegant beauty and effortless style, Audrey Hepburn defined a feminine grace that to this day is unparalleled. With the absence of frills or sparkle Hepburn was a shining star, and adorned with jewelry she lit up like a starry night on Fourth of July. Hepburn gained her poise and cosmopolitan essence from her blue-blood upbringing, extensive ballet training, and career as a model. She kept this poise throughout her acting career and let it shine through on screen. The pieces she wore in her films added even more beauty to an already flawless canvas.

The most famous pairing of pieces is in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where she wore a diamond tiara and a pearl and diamond necklace that paired perfectly with a pretty pink dress. The well-known still photo of her at the table with long black gloves decked out in the most stunning jewelry is indicative of just how bright she was capable of shining.

In My Fair Lady, in the scene where she reveals her transformation, she was decked out beyond belief. She wore classic diamond gemstone earrings, a diamond tiara, and an intricate diamond choker necklace. Hepburn turned something simple into so much more in Sabrina, where she paired a simple black dress with diamond droplet earrings.

Although her characters wore piled-on jewelry with panache, in her own life, Audrey is an icon of strong simple dressing.

Here’s how to get Audrey’s jewelry style:

  • Stud earrings are essential: try pearl studs with a diamond frame or pearl earrings with a subtle diamond accent. Hair short or worn up to let those simple earrings shine.
  • Take masculine styles like striped nautical shirts, trench coats, skinny pants, and ballerina flats and feminize them with a delicate shoe, pearls, a cuff bracelet or diamonds on the ear.
  • No necklaces or only a strand of pearls nestled inside a high collar or cascading down your back. Instead, wear boatnecks, high collars or turtlenecks.
  • Audrey’s engagement ring was a diamond eternity band. She added a rose gold band and a white gold band as wedding bands and wore the three together and separately.  Get her style with slim stackable bands in different colors of gold.

Actress, writer and improviser Brooke Lenzi is a performer on stage and screen in Los Angeles. She likes gifts that come in small packages.

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