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Rings That Say "I Don't"

Posted by on Aug 9, 2010 in Gem Trends, Jewelry Stories | No Comments

 There are two types of “promise rings,” one that signifies a vow of chastity until marriage, and another that represents a promise of monogamy with a loved one. Surprisingly enough, some of the hottest and most successful celebrities dominating our daughters’ iPods and DVR-ed TV shows are dedicated to saving themselves for marriage, and have shown that by wearing their promise rings proudly.

The Disney Channel’s Miley Cyrus, star of Hannah Montana, stated on her web series The Miley and Mandy Show that she wears a promise ring. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, also from the Disney gang, wear promise rings as well.

The promise ring trend is alive in the music business as well. The Jonas Brothers have given a vow of chastity until marriage. All three of them wear promise rings, which comedian Russell Brand made a comment about while hosting the VMA’s this year. Jordin Sparks, one of the winners on America’s most popular show American Idol, has made numerous statements about her choice to wear a promise ring, and even defended the Jonas Brothers’ in their decision to do so as well.

The greatest part about gifting a promise ring to your daughter or another young woman in your life is that it’s a stylish personal statement. There aren’t any restrictions on style. In fact, you are welcome to design your own rings for your recipients, choosing any color diamond, gemstone, shape, or size that would please them. Some promise rings even have religious symbols such as a diamond or gemstone cross.

Actress, writer and improviser Brooke Lenzi is a performer on stage and screen in Los Angeles. She likes gifts that come in small packages.

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