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Have you ever visited a friend’s house and had to restrain yourself from telling her that the sofa would look much better by the window? When reviewing new jewelry collections, I’ve often thought a designer piece would look much better in yellow gold or with tourmaline instead of sapphire. Thanks to Gemvara, I can have everything exactly the way I want it. And you can too! To get you started, I’ve picked ten fun, elegant, and distinctive designer styles from our new collections. Think I’ve overlooked the fact that diamonds look better in rose gold? Inexplicably omitted your fabulous find? Drop me a line at with suggestions for next month’s favorites.

To see a piece displayed below, just click the image!

Lovely Lilies

I love classic stud earrings but they don’t exactly make a fashion statement. C’mon, live a little! In contrast, these stud earrings by designer Ji Hwang, our featured designer this month, are so intricate, like little sculptures, that I can’t imagine ever being bored by them, even with just a white t-shirt and jeans.

Olive Branch

Organically inspired designs are in, true. But even if they weren’t, how could anyone resist these delicate hoops by Ji Hwang? Hoops are such a versatile earring silhouette and these are really different. I especially love them in yellow gold and peridot. And sterling and rhodolite. Maybe two pairs are required?

Drop-Dead Drops

These earrings from Studio 228 would be just the thing to wear to the Oscars. Or the grocery store. The red carpet at the Grammy Awards was full of gorgeous diamond drops like these. Diamonds are definitely an investment in this size but I think the earrings look even better in blue topaz and diamond and you won’t have to check your credit line.

Syncopated Style

This ring designed by Randy Dixon is really modern but not at all heavy. I love the way the gems interrupt each arc, like musical notes on a staff. Because of the bold composition, I think graphic color is the way to go. I picked red garnet in sterling silver but I also love the black and white diamond versions.

Embraceable You

The sleek lines of this ring designed by Tony Rodrigues remind me of the Chinese proverb “women hold up half the sky,” so I chose a sunny citrine center. The design also has the feeling of an enfolding embrace. You could also set this style with birthstones to create a very stylish mother-child ring.

Curves Ahead

To really appreciate this set of two rings by Ji Hwang, you have to try them on: they dip in back to fit your finger so comfortably they feel part of you immediately. In one metal, the set looks like an interlocking snake. In sterling with blue topaz and diamond, the set is just $202, so I plan to get a second single ring in a second color!
See the single ring here

Coral Wreath

This band by Ji Hwang reminds me of the structure of coral. It’s pleasingly regular and irregular at the same time. Like the natural world, it’s more interesting the more closely you look at it. I think I could look at this ring for a long time. I chose yellow gold and peridot to match Ji’s hoops but sterling with rhodolite would also be perfect.

Floral Arrangement

This ring by Ji Hwang is dramatic and delicate at the same time. I love the way the flowers form a lacy trellis over the finger, keeping the design from looking heavy. I think this looks wonderful with diamond, emerald, and yellow gold flowers in a sterling silver ring but I recommend playing around with the gems and metals: so many great options for this style!

Lotus in Bloom

This ring by designer Jeet Palavwala, which won our international design competition, is simply spectacular. Inspired by the delicate hue of the lotus blossom, Jeet imagined this design with a pink sapphire but, really, you can’t go wrong. It would make a wonderfully romantic engagement ring, don’t you think?

Rock Star

A ring with one bold gem in a beautiful color is a wardrobe essential. This dramatic but simple ring by designer Stephanie Satow has a large marquise-cut gem and a twist to the band, which together magically make your fingers look long and slender. The perfect purple of the amethyst will go with almost everything you wear.

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