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Gemvara Blog
6 May

The Gemvara Birthstone Guide

5_6 Birthstone Guide

Discover the lore, power, and meaning behind your birthstone with the Gemvara Birthstone Guide.

13 February
3 February

Our Groundhog Day Email Glitch

Sunday was a long day for us, and for those of you who were stuck wading through up to 165 of our emails! Delete, delete, delete… It seems our email provider had some database connectivity issues (if you happen to be an oracle expert, we’ll bet they’re hiring!). It was reminiscent of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: every time their database reconnected to the internet it was forced to relive the all-too-recent past, repeatedly sending our email to our beloved customers’ inboxes over and over again. Put that on internet speed and out go 125 emails before the folks at Cheetahmail could say “Punxsutawney Phil!”

All we wanted to do was gently remind you that our best deal for the Valentine’s Day holiday would be ending soon. Instead, we threw a runaway email party that we hope didn’t inconvenience you too much. Can we make it up to you with an even better Valentine’s deal of 20% off through February 4? If you were planning to give the gift of customized jewelry, now’s the absolute best time to buy (discount excludes certified diamonds). And if you unsubscribed, we understand, but hope you’ll re-join our list (there’s lots of great stuff coming soon that we don’t want you to miss out on, and no more inbox blasts, we promise!)

Please accept our apology with our best deal of 2014:

Matt Marcus
CMO Gemvara

3 January

The Rich Hues of Garnet, January’s Birthstone

One of our favorite things about January (besides is marking the start of a new year) is its beautiful birthstone: garnet! This remarkable gemstone has been a staple of jewelry for centuries, adorning the necks of Egyptian pharaohs and embedded in the signet rings of the Romans.
January's Birthstone - Red Garnet
Garnet comes in a wide range of colors and here at Gemvara we offer two spectacular shades of Garnet to customize with. The traditional red garnet, also known in ancient times as “carbuncle,” and the vibrant rhodolite garnet, a rich raspberry hued gemstone. Both garnets are stunning and pair well with any metal type, from silver to rose gold. To help you get started we have included some “insider” tips on January’s birthstone.

January's Birthstone - Rhodolite Garnet

When you are shopping for garnet, the most important value factor to consider is the quality of the garnet – the more vivid and bright the color, the more valuable the garnet. Cut is even more important than clarity, since a well-cut garnet will dance with light and because all Gemvara jewelry is made to order, we hand-select fine-quality garnets to perfectly suit your design.

With two shades of garnet to customize in, creating a piece of birthstone jewelry has never been easier. Not to mention you can create with the shade of garnet you love most. How do red garnet and rhodolite garnet inspire you?

10 December

Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014: How to Get Inspired

Given how much we love a pop of color here at Gemvara, we’re always very excited when the ultimate color authority, Pantone, announces their Color of the Year.  2013 was the year of emerald, and it was embraced everywhere from the red carpet to the stunning rings adorning Gemvara customers’ hands.

Pantone has announced that the 2014 Color of the Year is… Radiant Orchid!  Pantone describes this beautiful color as “a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones.”  In a press release, Pantone explains this color choice is meant to “intrigue the eye and spark the imagination.”  Well, we’re definitely intrigued by this gorgeous shade of purple and inspired to create in this lovely hue.

We’re sure Radiant Orchid will be seen everywhere from fashion, to home decor, and of course in jewelry. Here are some ways to get inspired by Radiant Orchid and incorporate the color into your custom-made fine jewelry from Gemvara.

Radiant Orchid - Flamenco Ring

The unique design of the Flamenco Ring reminds us of the unique shape of an orchid. Customizing the ring in rhodolite garnet, pink sapphire, and amethyst brings the orchid inspiration to life in a vibrant, jaw-dropping ring.  If you’re looking to embrace Pantone’s Color of the Year, create a piece of jewelry using the many shades of pink and purple we have to create something exquisite.

Radiant Orchid - Faye Ring

In a classic diamond solitaire ring, you can still add a pop of color and use unique inspiration to make the ring uniquely yours.  We took the inspiration of Radiant Orchid to create a band of alternating diamond and amethyst.

Radiant Orchid - Brilliant Infinity Twist Band

Using the pink hues that create Radiant Orchid, we customized the Brilliant Infinity Twist Loop in dazzling pink sapphire.  This gemstone is a gorgeous shade of pink, capturing the same energy and vibrancy of Pantone’s Color of the Year.  For a subtler shade of pink, try customizing in pink tourmaline for a softer look.

Radiant Orchid - Brilliant Jessamine Ring

Fully embracing the beauty of purple, an amethyst is a bold shade of eye-catching fuchsia.  Pairing amethyst with other purple gemstones, like iolite, creates a striking piece of jewelry.


14 November

The Gemvara Experience Grand Opening

Last week we opened the doors to Gemvara’s first-ever storefront located at 129 Newbury Street in Boston – “The Gemvara Experience” brings to life in our hometown!

Our grand opening party was a night to remember – here are a few snapshots from the event:

Emerald, sapphire, and ruby "Gem-tinis"

Emerald, sapphire, and ruby “Gem-tinis”

Guests trying on jewelry at The Gemvara Experience

Guests playing with beautiful jewelry at one of our interactive display stations which are designed for discovery. All of the jewelry at The Gemvara Experience can be tried on… and we encourage it!

Grand opening attendees

Attendees of the event included Gemvara’s CEO Janet Holian, Gemvara Founder Matt Lauzon, and over 150 guests.

The Gemvara Experience is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday and from 11:00pm to 6:00pm on Sundays. We will also host  events every Thursday evening with various themes during the holiday season, so if you’re in the Boston area we hope you’ll stop by to experience Gemvara in person!

6 November

Love stories, custom made: Gary & Courtney

We couldn’t stop smiling when a video of Gemvara customer Gary’s proposal to his fiance Courtney was posted on YouTube.  His unique (and unusual proposal) at a Halloween party was a surprising and sweet moment captured on video.  We just had to know more about Gary’s inspiration for his proposal and the engagement ring.

The Proposal


“I write messages on my head to earn some extra money. That last sentence was not a typo!” Gary laughed to us.  Seeing that he wanted to  propose to Courtney in a memorable fashion, he waited with his idea until their favorite holiday: Halloween.  At a recent Halloween party, Gary and Courtney’s childhood friend Shannon snuck into the bathroom to write his romantic proposal on his head.  With a large hat as part of his costume, it was the perfect way to conceal his message until the moment was right.  With camera in hand, Shannon asked to take a picture of the couple but when she said, “Smile!” it was the go-time.  Gary moved from the couch down to one knee on the floor and removed his hat.  “Will you marry me?” on his head, and a custom Gemvara engagement ring in hand, Shannon was overjoyed. She said yes!  Gary revealed a funny detail you can overhear in the video: “In the video, you can hear Courtney’s reaction to seeing the message written on my head, ‘Who did that to you?!’ She admitted that she felt an initial feeling of slight jealousy because it was obvious another woman had touched my head!  When she found out it was her friend Shannon, she decided I wasn’t in the doghouse.”

The Ring


Gary describes him and Courtney as “a slightly oddball couple, and traditional things aren’t for us.”  Courtney had dropped many hints that she was not a diamond girl.  When it came time to create the perfect engagement ring, Gary used their favorite colors as his inspiration.  Courtney’s favorite color is orange, so the center stone is a radiant fire opal.  Gary chose amethyst for the side stones for his love of purple.  “It is symbolic of our love and lives together, and shows that we will always be beside each other.”  Inside the ring Gary engraved “I love you, Honey Poodle,” his nickname for Courtney.  Let’s hope Gary’s wedding band will include an engraving of his nickname!

“I love Courtney very much, and we both love the beautiful ring from Gemvara!”

Congratulations to Courtney and Gary on your exciting and unique engagement! What a memory to capture forever.


18 October

A Mixed Metal Wedding, Curated by Bespoke Bride

10_20 Mixed Metal Header

We love finding inspiration on Pinterest and were completely charmed by UK wedding blogger Bespoke Bride’s unique and creative ways to customize a wedding with your personality. Using one of our favorite jewelry trends, mixed metals, we had Jess from Bespoke Bride curate a Pinterest board of opulent, metallic inspiration and guest blog for Gemvara.

If you’re a lover of fabulous jewellery like us then creating a wedding day around this theme is just about as glamorous as it can get! But how would you ever choose between the gorgeous tones of golds, silvers, coppers and more I hear you cry?! Good news: you don’t have to! Why not switch it up with a mixed metal wedding theme?

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle covered in silver hues while your bridesmaids follow behind you in coppers and gold! Imagine a wedding cake combining metal glamour into its design! Tables doused in golden glitz with silver elements threaded through! What’s that? You’re having trouble imagining it? Then let us tickle your mind taste buds with a little inspiration

What do you think? Are you as in love with this as we are? Don’t forget one of the best ways to incorporate mixed metal into your wedding day is with jewellery! Go on… treat yourself.

Much Bespoke Love,

17 October

Which Gemstone Shape Fits You Best?

At Gemvara, we offer eight gemstone shapes to create your perfect engagement ring.  Each cut and shape has different qualities to make your gemstone sparkle and stand out.  If you’re more classic, you can’t go wrong with a round cut (the Carrie Ring is a customer favorite).  If you’re looking for something a little more unique, a marquise cut stone has a distinct, eye-catching shape sure to turn heads. No matter the cut of the stone, every ring is unique to you and your style.  Which gemstone shape fits you best?

 10_15 Gemstone Cut Blog

CushionHeart •  PearMarquise

20 September

Meet the Clover Ring


As the Director of Curation at Gemvara, one of the perks of my job is getting to “meet” new products before they go live on the site. With our latest round of product launches one style really stood out to me. It’s one of those rare finds that’s versatile enough that everyone from the boho-trendsetter to the classic-prepster will love it, yet there’s something special about it that makes it anything but boring. So with that said, I wanted to introduce you all to one of my new favorite Gemvara pieces: Clover.


Get to know Clover:

Shape: Round
Size: Center stone options from 5-8mm
Gemstone: Available in 27 natural gemstones
Metal: Available in 9 precious metals
Special Talents: Available in two different shank (band) styles, Available in mixed metals

I was inspired by the recently-announced Pantone color of 2014, Dazzling Blue, when I customized the Split Clover above. I also chose to add a pop of rose gold for the setting, while keeping the ring in my price range with a silver band. How would you style the Clover Ring?


Need help picking out the perfect piece to match your style? Questions about trends or jewelry? Tweet me @GemvaraCallie and I’m at your service! Follow me to stay up to date on the latest in jewelry trends, get styling tips, and be the first to hear about new @Gemvara arrivals!

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